Seeking Wisdom in the Light of Christ



June 1-4, 2022

Landrum, SC

Join us at our Davenant House study center in the beautiful mountains of western SC  for three days of rich conversation, fellowship, friendship, and learning. Our plenary speaker will be Dr. James Eglinton, Meldrum Senior Lecturer in Reformed Theology at the University of Edinburgh.

Conference proceedings will run from 6:00 PM Wed 6/1 till 9:00 PM Friday 6/4, but most guests stay through Saturday morning. Meals and accommodations will be provided at our the properties within the grounds of Davenant House.

Building Bonds of Fellowship

Our annual Convivium Irenicum gathering serves as a microcosm of the Davenant Institute’s mission, and, for many of our attendees, as the capstone to each academic year. For three days we do much more than present and listen to papers—we eat together, drink together, worship together, discuss abstruse philosophical questions, hard pastoral challenges, and our favorite new movies together as we walk through the woods or recline on the porch. We bring together not merely scholars and grad students, but pastors and other church leaders, and even businessmen and public servants. Together, we explore what it means to retrieve the wisdom of our Protestant and catholic past for the sake of our church and nation today.

Our Theme

Many are familiar with Tertullian’s ringing challenge to the Church: “What hath Athens to do with Jerusalem?” As far as this Church Father was concerned, philosophy and theology did not make comfortable bedfellows – and yet many Christians have answered his challenge with great success throughout the centuries.

But which philosophy are we talking about exactly? The Church has largely developed alongside Greco-Roman thinking, but is there one true philosophy which serves Christian theology? Should we beware of Greeks bearing gifts? And is it time for the Church to break free from philosophical categories, or embrace new ones altogether?

Our Ninth Annual Convivium Irenicum will attend to such questions, and more. We warmly invite proposals for presentations or guided discussions on the topic of how Protestantism can reclaim philosophy’s role as the “handmaiden of theology”.

The event will center around the sessions from our keynote speaker, Dr. James Eglinton, a world-renowned scholar on the life and work of the Dutch Neo-Calvinist theologian Herman Bavinck (1854-1921). We will examine Bavinck as a model for faithful philosophical theology (though not uncritically) through a number of his writings.

Our Speaker James Perman Eglinton: Books, Biography, Blogs, Audiobooks, Kindle

Dr. James Eglinton

This year’s keynote speaker is Dr. James Eglinton, Meldrum Senior Lecturer in Reformed Theology at the University of Edinburgh. A specialist in the history and theology of Dutch Neo-Calvinism, Dr. Eglinton has published work as co-editor of Neo-Calvinism and the French Revolution (Bloomsbury, 2014), editor and translator of Herman Bavinck on Preaching and Preachers (Hendrickson, 2017), and co-editor and co-translator of Christian Worldview (Crossway, 2019). His book Bavinck: A Critical Biography was published by Baker Academic in 2020, and won that year’s History and Biography Book of the Year Prize in The Gospel Coalition 2020 Book Awards. It was also a finalist in the 2021 ECPA Book Awards. He also serves as Associate Editor of the Journal of Reformed Theology, published by Brill.

Dr. Eglinton will be joined by other scholars and educators from the Davenant network to wrestle with these important questions.

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Thank you for your interest in the 2022 National Convivium! We regret that this event is now full. Please contact Jacqueline at [email protected] to be put on the waiting list, as some additional slots may open up.