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The Davenant Institute is renewing the quest for wisdom

“He that breaks a thing to find out what it is has left the path of wisdom.”

Gandalf the Grey, The Fellowship of the Ring

Wisdom—what does it mean? Since the fragmentation of the quest for knowledge in the modern period, we have lost a sense of what it might mean to know the world whole, in relation to its Creator and to our human vocation.

In the wake of this fragmentation, Christians in the late modern world cling doggedly to the shards that are left to them: theology if they can, the dethroned queen of the sciences, or perhaps bare Scripture, or (perhaps most often) mere Bible-ism. The nice thing about shards is they’re sharp, and clear, and work pretty well as weapons, but good luck building anything with them.
Too many Christian young people are burnt out on trying to build their lives on these shards of knowledge. They yearn for the more holistic wisdom that is their birthright—the lost inheritance of our Christian past—and that is their Adamic calling. To quote from Peter Escalante and Joseph Minich's essay for us last fall, “Philosophy as a Way of Life,” “what is given new birth [for Christians] is our living as free pilgrims and royal sons who seek, via imitation, to grow into the form of God’s wisdom, to mirror it and radiate it outward in love into the world of our lives.”

This is our mission at the Davenant Institute, which we have been pursuing these last five years by conversation and publication, by retrieving lost riches from our Protestant forefathers and by providing platforms for gifted teachers in the Church today. Around this quest for wisdom has grown up a rich community of fellow-travelers and a rich harvest of resources for building up pastors, teachers, public servants, and Christian disciples in all walks of life.

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This summer, our mission enters an exciting new chapter by God’s grace as Michael and Lynette Hughes and their family move to our beautiful property in the Blue Ridge Mountains of South Carolina, Davenant House, to begin a full-time residential ministry of leading young people into Protestant wisdom. There they will coordinate student ministry to college and seminary students around the region, host weekend retreats and book discussions, network with local pastors and churches, and supervise summer programs, including the 2019 Protestant Wisdom Summer Program.

As we come to the end of our fiscal year, we are seeking to discern which of the exciting opportunities before us we can commit to. We are also aiming to give the Hugheses the strongest start we possibly can on their ministry work at Davenant House.

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