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"Look to the rock from whence you were hewn" — Is. 51:1

We live in an age when the most urgent question is the most fundamental question of all: “Who am I?” “Who are we?” The question of identity has been forced to the forefront, and our political and religious lives are reeling. Some seek to prove their "wokeness" by severing the ties that bind us to the past. Others, desperate for a common theological tradition that was not born yesterday, many thousands of Christians are abandoning evangelical faith to seek refuge in churches that promise authority, history, continuity—in a word, “catholicity.”

At Davenant, we are aware of the urgent need to steer a faithful course through these identity crises. We cannot flee to the past and abandon the Lord’s call to faithfulness in our time; but nor can we flee from our past to prove our solidarity with those who do not share it.

We look to the Protestant Reformers not only for the truths they proclaimed, but as fitting guides for such a time as this. They offer us a model for faithfully receiving our past while also responding to Christ's call in the present. They offer us a model for Christian humanism in a culture losing its sense of what it means to be human. Like them, however, we seek not merely to proclaim truths, but to make disciples through friendship, collaboration, and mentoring.

We are working to strengthen our churches and equip our young people with a vision of Protestant wisdom: equally engaged with God's Word and God's world. Will you join us?

Your year-end gift is essential to helping us achieve our mission of renewing Christian wisdom for the contemporary church. Please consider giving at whatever level you are able.

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Please get us off to a great start in expanding our programs for 2020 by helping us raise $20,000 between now and December 31st!

You are a crucial part of the renewal of Christian wisdom.

This year, we have witnessed the immense blessings of God’s grace in opening doors and providing resources for renewed and expanded ministry. The Hughes family appeared on our doorstep and have rapidly turned Davenant House into a flourishing hub for ministry in the Southeast. Urgent fundraising needs have been met with humbling outpourings of generosity, and designated gifts have enabled us to relaunch initiatives like our Ad Fontes magazine stronger than ever before.

We have many exciting opportunities before us in 2020, and are praying for the Lord to provide the resources needed to meet them. As we come to the end of 2019, we ask you to consider contributing to our end-of-year funding drive, or signing up as a regular monthly donor, so that we can reach more students and leaders with this renewal of Christian wisdom.

The Davenant Institute is a registered 501(c)3 organization. All your gifts are tax-deductible.

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