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There is no sugar-coating it. 2020 has been a time of judgement, of laying bare, of reaping what we have sown. It has thrown into sharp relief the fault-lines at the heart of our politics and churchmanship. If there is anything that has become painfully apparent this year, it is the failure of the American church to train up a people characterized by wisdom.

Today, more than ever, Davenant’s mission to renew Christian wisdom in the contemporary church has taken on a fierce urgency. Our mission is to reverse our contemporary fragmenation, our retreat into echo-chambers, and to rebuild the bonds of trust necessary in the pursuit of Christian wisdom.

We look to the Protestant Reformers not only for the truths they proclaimed, but as fitting guides for such a time as this. They offer us a model for faithfully receiving our past while also responding to Christ's call in the present. They offer us a model for Christian wisdom in that is all at once rigorous, measured, and generous in a world which no longer values such qualities. Like them, however, we seek not merely to proclaim truths, but to make disciples through friendship, collaboration, and mentoring.

We are working to strengthen our churches and equip our young people with a vision of Protestant wisdom: equally engaged with God's Word and God's world.

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This year, even with the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Davenant ministry has continued to expand, with a special focus this year on Christian education. We have still held major events, such as our first UK National Convivum in January and The Future of Theological Education in October. We have expanded Davenant Hall, with longer classes and new degree programs. We have recruited new Teaching Fellows, Ryan Hurd and Dale Stenberg. All of that is alongside our ongoing publication ministries at The Davenant Press and Ad Fontes.

We have many exciting opportunities before us in 2021, and are praying for the Lord to provide the resources needed to meet them. As we come to the end of 2020, we ask you to consider contributing to our end-of-year funding drive, or signing up as a regular monthly donor, so that we can reach more students and leaders with this renewal of Christian wisdom.

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