Submissions to Ad Fontes

Ad Fontes welcomes submissions.  If you’re interested in writing, please familiarize yourself with previous issues; go here to read our Introduction. Writers should assume an intelligent, educated, but not necessarily academic audience.  

Ad Fontes is published monthly. Four of these editions (published quarterly) contain two larger articles apiece on a common theme to be explored throughout that year. The theme for this year (September ‘16 through August ‘17) is ecclesiology.  These two articles run between 3500 and 4500 words. Submissions are not being accepted for this year’s theme, though if you wish to propose a theme for a following year that you feel able to contribute to, please email Joseph Minich at [email protected]

The other eight editions will contain four shorter articles apiece: biographical sketches, book reviews, and annotated translations. These pieces should be 900-1250 words, including footnotes (which should be kept to a minimum.) Pitch a submission idea to Susannah Black at [email protected]

Citation style: Turabian; however, we are willing to defer to the writer’s judgment as to whether to use parenthetical page numbers or location indicators following quotations or when to resort to endnotes (never footnotes) to add supplemental commentary or to avoid clogging up the prose with a large number of citations.

Please submit manuscripts in Microsoft Word, with a single space after periods, justified, block quotations.

Please transliterate all Greek or Hebrew terms, and offer translations for all foreign-language terms or quotations you use, except for those in common American use.