New York City

The Davenant Trust held its inaugural event in New York City on October 14-15, 2016. Entitled “Christian Citizenship in a Post-Christian America,” it was hosted by The King’s College and co-sponsored by First Things. Read more about it here, and watch the video of the event below.


Future regional Convivia Irenica in New York are planned; stay tuned for details.

Beginning in Fall 2017, a Davenant-sponsored reading group will be starting up in New York City, and you can also participate in the events of the City and Kingdom Network, which Davenant is co-sponsoring.

Email Susannah Black at [email protected] for more details or to get involved!






Washington D.C.



The Carolinas

Blue Ridge Mountains



Other Regional Events

The Davenant Trust has also recently held regional events in Toronto, ON, Philadelphia, PA, Chicago, IL, and St. Louis, MO. If you are interested in organizing a regional event or hub in your part of the country, please get in touch.



We hope to see more conferences that bring together ecclesially-minded scholars and students, academically-minded pastors, and theologically-concerned laypeople from Reformed and evangelical communities. Our Convivia Irenica are designed to meet this need in a special way, but we also accept proposals to sponsor or co-sponsor conferences, workshops, and events that seek to retrieve neglected and important figures within the Protestant tradition, and/or reflect on their relevance for today.

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Supporting Emerging Scholars

In an anti-intellectual age, when even confessional traditions are suffering from a collective amnesia about the breadth and depth of their past, and its resources to inform the present, we have urgent need of more scholars consciously working to retrieve the riches of classical Protestantism for the sake of the contemporary church. We particularly value the work of pastor-scholars and lay scholars working in close dialogue with the needs of their own local churches.

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