Supporting Emerging Scholars

In an anti-intellectual age, when even confessional traditions are suffering from a collective amnesia about the breadth and depth of their past, and its resources to inform the present, we have urgent need of more scholars consciously working to retrieve the riches of classical Protestantism for the sake of the contemporary church. We particularly value the work of pastor-scholars and lay scholars working in close dialogue with the needs of their own local churches.

Unfortunately, after a brief era of democratization, the work of research seems to be once again becoming prohibitively expensive in many Western countries, with many scholars relying on individual or church patronage to support their labors. The need is far too great for our own limited means, but we do seek to offer support for emerging scholars in small ways:

The Davenant Fellowship scholarship competition: We sponsor an annual scholarship for a modest sum to support the tuition and living expenses of an evangelically- and ecclesially-minded scholar of Protestant historical theology or ethics. See full details here.

Bursaries and Research Grants: We accept at any time funding proposals from graduate students and early-career scholars seeking to attend conferences, fund research trips, summer study terms, etc. The maximum amount of such proposals is $2,000, although potentially larger sums could be funded via matching grants for a crowdfunding initiative. For examples of scholars we have supported in this way, see here. To apply for such a grant, please email Brad Littlejohn with a document containing the following:

  • A description of your current educational status, institution, and field of study, together with a brief description of how this study fits into the general goals of the Davenant Institute.
  • A description of the particular educational need you are seeking to have covered, together with a substantial description of how this undertaking fits into the mission and vision of the Davenant Institute.
  • A breakdown of the amount of money you are requesting, and what particular costs it will go to cover.
  • An account of other sources of funding you have sought or will be seeking, and why funds from such sources are unavailable or insufficient.
  • The names and contact information of one academic and one pastoral reference.

Note that these grants are competitive; we receive many funding requests and only award a couple per year at present.