Common Places

john davenant

Common Places is a podcast repository for a wide range of Davenant Institute audio which is not part of our regular podcasts.

Whilst we seek to make the most of the opportunities that digital technology offers theological study and formation (primarily in our Davenant Hall courses), we still place a high emphasis on in-person events and gatherings. It’s for this reason that we are continually investing in Davenant House, our study and retreat center in the beautfiful Blue Ridge Mountains of South Carolina.

Davenant House hosts a wide range of events, including our annual Convivium Irenicum, regional conversation evenings, and a full program of summer residentials. Audio from these events make up the bulk of Common Places content.

Common Places also stores the audio of our monthly Fellows Lecture, as well as other miscellaneous events.

Common Places is available on Apple or Soundcloud.

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