A Community of Conversation

Our culture today is living through a crisis of trust. Never before have we had access to so much information, so much knowledge, and yet never before have we been so suspicious of those claiming to peddle knowledge. And the church is not immune to this crisis. Christian scholarship continues to advance our understanding of Scripture, theology, and church history, but our churches suffer from a profound lack of theological awareness. Mutual suspicion dogs the relationship between the church and the academy, and denominational traditions still jealously guard their distinctive doctrines and exaggerate their differences.

To heal this breach and strengthen the church, more than mere translation is necessary. We do not just need more knowledge; we need networks of trust. The Protestant Reformation succeeded because it built a wide and deep network of friends and co-laborers, sharing a common commitment to the renewal of the church. Reformation and renewal in our own time will require the same networks of trust and collaboration.

Davenant Commons is a community of conversation that aims to build just these bonds of friendship and collaboration among scholars, students, pastors, and Christian laypeople committed to the renewal of classical Protestantism. It exists to provide a place for mentorship, for teaching and learning, for sharing and debating ideas, for planning collaborative endeavors, and above all for modeling faithful irenicism: a confidence in the power of truth that is able to rest in patient persuasion rather than fighting to defend intellectual turf.