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Social justice often gets a bad rap. Free marketeers worry about the redistribution of wealth, and social conservatives often see it as being at odds with traditional values. Meanwhile, progressives are tempted to treat social justice as a substitute religion, a means of realizing society's final end without reference to God.

Brian Dijkema thinks both approaches are wrong. In "Who's Afraid of Social Justice?", he argues that justice is first and foremost "giving God his due: our love." But justice does not end there. Love of God entails love of neighbor, and such love inevitably manifests politically. If Christians love their neighbors, they will follow the early Church, imagining "new ways of organizing society." In short, Dijkema contends, working for social justice is Christian work, for it is Gospel work.

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Davenant Digests

Many Protestants today have not merely lost touch with their church’s past, but feel that it has lost touch with them.

With Davenant Digests we seek to bring the church’s past into clear focus for Christians today, and use it to shed light on the challenges of the church's present. Written in a clear, lively, and down-to-earth style, these short introductions aim to answer questions that ordinary Christians have, in terms that ordinary Christians will want to read.

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