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What does it mean to be human? Are humans unique among God's creatures? These questions have often been answered with appeal to man's rational animality, capacity for language, and calling to care for God's creation. Recently, however, Posthumanism has challenged the central place that man occupies in classical Christian thought. Tracing the origins and development of this movement (in part) to radical trends within secular humanism, Michael Plato helps us to analyze and to evaluate a vision of (post)-humanity that is only beginning to make itself felt in late modern culture, and which is undoubtedly here to stay for the foreseeable future.

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Davenant Digests

Many Protestants today have not merely lost touch with their church’s past, but feel that it has lost touch with them.

With Davenant Digests we seek to bring the church’s past into clear focus for Christians today, and use it to shed light on the challenges of the church's present. Written in a clear, lively, and down-to-earth style, these short introductions aim to answer questions that ordinary Christians have, in terms that ordinary Christians will want to read.

April 2018: Worldview (Brad Littlejohn)

May 2018: Christendom (Joe Minich)

June 2018: Justification (Chris Castaldo)

July 2018: English Reformation, Pt. I (Brad Littlejohn)

August 2018: Sexual Ethics (Alastair Roberts)

September 2018: Roman Catholicism (Chris Castaldo)

October 2018: Divine Simplicity (Joseph Minich)

November 2018: English Reformation, Pt. II (Brad Littlejohn)

December 2018: How Did We Get Here? (Alastair Roberts)

January 2019: On the Eucharist (Brad Littlejohn)