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Although we have received generous donations to date that have enabled us to launch our first study programs this summer, Davenant House needs your support to make our longer-term goals a reality. Our eventual goal is to have a year-round study center with capacity for thirty residential students and two mentor couples. We also aim to establish a substantial theological library at the property for the use of our students. In the near term, we are seeking an additional $48,000 to have Davenant House running at full capacity. To help us meet this goal, please visit our Donate page and specify “Davenant House” on the form.

We also welcome donations of books in theology, practical Christianity, philosophy, political theory, history, classic literature, and more. See full details here. If you are interested in supporting our ministry by donating books to the Davenant House Library, please contact us or fill out the form below.

Davenant House Book Donations

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Summer 2017 Schedule

May 22-27, 2017: Residential Intensive Intro to Theological Latin, Pt. I: an immersive course in Latin reading, speaking, and composition for complete beginners

May 31-June 3, 2017: Convivium Irenicum 2017: a gathering of ecclesially-minded scholars, academically-minded pastors, and theologically-interested laypeople

June 6-16, 2017: Intensive Protestant Wisdom Summer Study Program: a ten-day primer in Christian wisdom and faithful citizenship with Dr. Alastair Roberts

June 19-July 21, 2017: Protestant Wisdom Summer Study Program: a five-week primer in Christian wisdom and faithful citizenship with Dr. Alastair Roberts