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The Davenant Institute is pleased to offer scholarships for tuition discounts or in rare cases complete tuition coverage for our Davenant Latin Institute students. Scholarships are awarded to students in difficult financial circumstances who can demonstrate strong academic ability and discipline, and the importance of these courses to their studies. Scholarships are very competitive, and we have worked to price these courses well below market averages, so we ask that you not apply if you are in a position to pay full tuition. To apply, please use the form below.


Apply for a Davenant Latin Scholarship

Please give the name of a teacher or professor who can provide a letter of reference speaking to your abilities and academic discipline.
Please tell us as much as you can about the circumstances of your financial need and any other sources of funding that might be available to you (e.g., if you are a teacher, your academic institution may help pay; churches are also sometimes willing to provide support)
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