The Rhetoric of "Miracles"

Wednesday, January 20th
8pm ET

The Davenant Fellows Lectures

cs lewis

Navigating what we call "modernity" remains a challenge for Christians. Indeed, defining modernity remains contentious. Are we currently in modernity? Or late-modernity? Or postmodernity? What kind of human life is possible in any of them?

If the world at large remains confused about these questions, it is little wonder that the church is also. Yet we are not without guides as we find ourselves in the dark woods of modernity. The great Protestant scholar and writer C.S. Lewis stands above as one of the faithul Christian's chief companions in understanding and navigating the modern world - perhaps nowhere more so than in his book "Miracles".

"Miracles" is justly famous. And like all great books, its impact on our imagination is perhaps greater than we are aware.

In this lecture, Dr. Joseph Minich will argue that Lewis’ rhetorical approach to his contemporaries in "Miracles" - whether they be Christians or non-Christians - is radically shaped by his reading of modernity. Yet rather than view modernity as an exterior problem to be addressed, Lewis' reading of, and engagement with it, happens largely through a reading of himself as a modern person. Lewis' self-reflective rhetoric is a model for us in how to honestly and non-ideologically hold and share an ancient faith in a modern age - a modern age of which Christians are, for better or worse, a part.

Attendees will then have the chance to participate in an extended Q&A time.

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Dr. Joseph Minich

Ph.D, The University of Texas at Dallas

Teaching Fellow at The Davenant Institute

Co-host of the Pilgrim Faith podcast

Author of "Enduring Divine Absence"

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