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Davenant Pillars

In these four videos, we examine the four core pillars of Davenant’s vision: Reason, Retrieval, Engagement, and Essentials

Pillar I: Reason

In this video, Rev. Benjamin Miller discusses the issue of Reason with Davenant President Dr. Bradford Littlejohn. Dr. Littlejohn explains how the historic Christian notion of reason as the attunement of the soul to reality differs from the modern, post-Enlightenment understanding. He also explains how it is that reason still has a role to play in Christian life and thinking when we have the Scriptures to teach us the truth and guide our actions.


Pillar II: Retrieval

In this video, Rev. Benjamin Miller discusses Davenant’s commitment to Retrieval with President Brad Littlejohn. Why is it important to retrieve the historic traditions of our faith? How does such respect for tradition differ from a Catholic approach to tradition? And, to put it most bluntly, why do we need historical theology when we have the Bible?


Pillar III: Engagement

In this video, Rev. Benjamin Miller discusses Davenant’s commitment to Christian public engagement with President Brad Littlejohn. What was wrong with the Religious Right’s approach to politics? What was right about it? Where do recent reactions like Neo-Anabaptism go astray, and how can the Davenant Institute Reformational vision point us in a better direction?

Pillars IV: Essentials


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