Old Building Networks

For all the proliferation of new tools for the acquisition and sharing of knowledge in our digital age, we are convinced that there is still nothing as important as the cultivation of personal bonds of friendship and conversation, preferably grounded in and nourished by face-to-face fellowship. A central goal of our work at the Davenant Institute is to bring together like-minded Christians—ecclesially-minded scholars, academically-minded pastors, and theologically-interested students and laypeople—to share ideas, encourage one another, and discern the broader relevance of their own particular callings and research projects.

Our first initiative along these lines was our annual “Convivium Irenicum,” a small conference/retreat in upstate South Carolina, where we are now establishing our Davenant House at Laureldale study center. Encouraged by the high-level discussion and deep bonds of friendship forged at these gatherings, we decided to work toward establishing regional chapters in strategic centers around the country, partnering with local churches and academic institutions, and centered around an annual or biannual “Regional Convivium.” Visit our Regional Convivia page if you are interested in becoming part of, or helping start, a regional chapter.

In addition to these gatherings, we seek to sponsor conferences at the intersection of the church and academy on strategic themes relating to the retrieval and renewal of Protestant orthodoxy, and to support the work of emerging scholars pursuing research projects in historical theology for the sake of the contemporary church.