Conferences and Events

We are all familiar with pastors’ conferences and academic conferences, each of which can do lots of good but tend to exist in somewhat self-contained bubbles. We hope to see more conferences that bring together ecclesially-minded scholars and students, academically-minded pastors, and theologically-concerned laypeople from Reformed and evangelical communities. Our Convivia Irenica are designed to meet this need in a special way, but we also accept proposals to sponsor or co-sponsor conferences, workshops, and events that seek to retrieve neglected and important figures within the Protestant tradition, and/or reflect on their relevance for today. 

We are sponsoring two conferences upcoming later in 2016:

The Diversity of Dissent: A Quatercentennial Appreciation of Richard Baxter, John Owen, and William Kiffen (Louisville, Sep. 19-21)

Richard Hooker, Girolamo Zanchi, and the Rise of Reformed Scholasticism (Ottawa, Oct. 20-22)

See here for summaries of past or forthcoming conferences and events we have sponsored, and stay tuned for announcements of others we have in the pipeline!

If you are planning a gathering which you think fits well with our mission and vision, please email us so that we can spread the word or consider possible avenues for partnership.