National Convivium

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The Convivium Irenicum is an annual event sponsored by the Davenant Institute. Held at our property, in the Blue Ridge foothills of South Carolina, Davenant House at Laureldale, the Convivium brings together a small group of scholars, pastors, and students for fellowship and discussion each June.  Our goal is to foster a network of men and women dedicated to historically-informed, irenic engagement with the challenges facing contemporary Protestantism and committed to civic engagement and renewal.

The Convivium invites an eminent theologian or historian to address us on topics related to the chosen theme, and also holds a number of seminars and roundtable discussions led by participants, who share the fruits of their own research and writing. Starting with the 2014 Convivium, we began publishing the proceedings of the conference as well.

See here for the details on the upcoming Convivium, and you can read about previous years’ events here.