Our Partners

The Calvinist International

calvinistThe Calvinist International has its origins in the ferment of the recent evangelical catholic and “reformed catholic” movement. The writers are members of Evangelical churches in the Reformed tradition, profoundly dissatisfied with the “scandal of the evangelical mind,” but informed enough historically not to fall for the various “high church” reactions.

Instead, through prayer, patient research, and disciplined conversation, it seeks to chart a new way, which turned out to be a very old way, forward. It aims to foster conversations which attain a mean between academic precision and popular exposition, with the rigor of the first but the common sense and synthetic judgment of the latter.


Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary


Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary is an educational institution serving the Lord and His Church. Its mission is to prepare men and women for ministry at home and abroad. The seminary undertakes this task as a training partner with the Church so that what is learned on campus may be complemented by the spiritual nurture and the exercise of ministry available through the Church.

Gordon-Conwell’s mission arises out of God’s redemptive work in this world effected in Jesus Christ, understood through the biblical Word and mediated by the Holy Spirit. As a theological seminary, it provides learning, resources and training through which men and women may acquire knowledge, gain skills and develop attitudes needed in Christ’s ministry.


The Greystone Institute

greystoneGreystone Theological Institute is a collaborative effort in Reformed theological education and training in ministry and scholarship. With a focus on service in the region of western Pennsylvania, Greystone also resources scholarship and ministerial formation at the postgraduate level at select satellite sites in the United States and internationally through a combination of regular intensive on-site courses and online courses and events. It seeks to enrich the educational mission of the Church in the tradition of confessional Reformed catholicity, foster theological collaboration, and share resources in order to advance learning; to strengthen teaching, learning and research; and to maximize the stewardship of scholarly resources for Church and academy.


New Saint Andrews College

newstandrewsNew Saint Andrews is a classical and Christian college offering a liberal arts curriculum from a reformational Christian perspective. Its purpose is to graduate leaders who shape culture through wise and victorious Christian living. Its mission is to provide young men and women with the highest quality undergraduate and graduate education in liberal arts and culture from a distinctively Christian and Reformed perspective, to equip them for lives of faithful service to the Triune God and His Kingdom, and to encourage the use of their gifts for the growth of Christian culture.



refo500Refo500 is the international platform for knowledge, expertise, ideas, products and events, specializing in the 500 year legacy of the Reformation.

Worldwide, more than 120 partners have joined Refo500 and the number of partners is still growing. Partners collaborate in order to offer a program and to tell the story of the Reformation. Refo500 partners include Protestant and Catholic organizations, churches, universities, museums, cities, publishers, and so on.


The Junius Institute

juniusThe Junius Institute for Digital Reformation Research is an international forum for the promotion of research into the Reformation and post-Reformation eras, particularly through the use and development of digital tools and sources, with principals and correspondents in Europe, North America, and Asia.



wordmp3WordMp3.com is an Online Mp3 Audio Library of Biblical, Theological, Historical, Reformational teaching.

Its purpose is to provide resources for growth in a full-orbed Christian world and life view. It provides for listening from your smart phones/PC/Mac/iPod or other portable audio players. It was the first online audio library of mp3 Christian world and life view audio instruction available (when it opened in June of 2000). It currently lists over 50 gigabytes of mostly 16 (kpbs) and 32 (kbps) audio talks, sermons, lectures and courses which equals over 5000 hours of excellent, world-shaping teachings. And it is adding more!


The Gloriana Society

The Gloriana Society is an organization dedicated the integrity and scholarship of Elizabethan studies. The society began its formation in the spring and summer of 2015 as an initiative to bring together Elizabethan scholars, and highlight current research within Elizabethan studies and more generally the sixteenth century. We encourage our members to be engaged and active participants in the society, and with our affiliate organizations. Additionally, we support in equal measure both budding scholars and established scholars. We aim to focus on current and emerging trends within the field, and forge a network of Elizabethan scholars, specialists, and general public within the United Kingdom and abroad. We look to partner with international organizations to build further connections among scholars, and support our members.