Begotten or Made?

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In a society that has rejected all moral norms, that refuses to honor God as Creator, what hope do we have of stemming the tide of scientific intervention into even the most sacred dimensions of our humanity? O’Donovan exposes the assumptions that underlie new technologies that presume to “make” human life, and offers Christians the philosophical clarity they need to navigate the torrent of increasingly baffling ethical questions they face.

Today we need this wisdom more than ever, which is why the Davenant Institute is proud to be publishing this affordable new edition for the 21st century, complete with a new introduction by Matthew Lee Anderson and a retrospective by the author.


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Table of Contents


Preface to the 1st Edition
Oliver O’Donovan

Introduction to the 2nd Edition
Matthew Lee Anderson

  • Medicine and the Liberal Revolution
  • Sex by Artifice
  • Procreation by Donor
  • And Who is a Person?
  • In a Glass Darkly

Oliver O’Donovan