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Jesus and Pacifism

Pacifism has gone from the margins to the mainstream, even among evangelicals. Christians have turned to the works of Stanley Hauerwas, and John Howard Yoder, seeking a more authentic way to walk in the way of Jesus. In this book, Andrew Fulford shows that these arguments, while well-intentioned, fail to take seriously the whole biblical witness and even the teaching of Jesus.
“In this concise little book, the author does more than merely refute the case for Christian pacifism…highly recommended for anyone who is struggling with this issue.” —Dr. Craig A. Carter, Tyndale University College.

The Two Kingdoms

In recent years, fresh controversy has erupted over the meaning and relevance of the Reformation’s “two-kingdoms” doctrine. At stake in such debates is not simply the shape of Christian politics, but the meaning of the church, the nature of human and divine authority, and the scope of Christian discipleship.
In this guide, Bradford Littlejohn sketches the history of the doctrine and clears away common misunderstandings, and shows that the two-kingdoms doctrine can offer a valuable framework for thinking about pastoring, politics, and even financial stewardship.

Natural Law

Even believers often navigate the world based on knowledge not always derived from Scripture. Frequently misrepresented as an assertion of the autonomous power of human reason or as a uniquely Roman Catholic doctrine, natural law has actually been an integral part of orthodox Christian theology since the beginning, and is even asserted in Scripture. In this brief guide, David Haines and Andrew Fulford explain the philosophical foundations of natural law, clear up common misunderstandings about the term, and demonstrate the robust biblical basis for natural law reasoning.