On Original Sin (Vermigli’s Common Places, vol. 1)


A new translation of Part 2, Chapter 1 of Peter Martyr Vermigli’s Loci Communes, “On Original Sin.”


Appearing now in English for the first time since 1583, “On Original Sin” represents Part II, ch. 1 of the Loci. Presented here in a clear, readable, and learned translation, Vermigli’s searching discussion of original sin reveals the biblical and patristic foundations of this controversial doctrine, and its centrality to Protestant orthodoxy. Along the way, Vermigli offers a scathing critique of the semi-Pelagian Catholic theologian Albert Pighius and defends the Augustinian understanding of sin and grace, in a treatise marked by exegetical skill, historical erudition, and philosophical sophistication.

Paperback. xxx + 125 pp. $14.95