Residential Intermediate Latin Intensive (June 15-20)


This item will be charged on May 23, 2020.


June 15-20, 2020

This week-long residential course serves as the grand finale to all students who have completed the regular Davenant Language Institute 501-502 introductory sequence or the summer intensive, and is also open to all students who have completed any intermediate course.

From the first day, the course will be held in Latin. Together the students will listen, speak, read, and write in Latin. Along with the readings, the course will include games and stories designed to give the students opportunities to grow in their comprehension and confidence with the language.

The theme for summer 2020 will be Letters & Prayers. We will read letters from across the eras of Latin literature, from Seneca and Cicero to John Calvin and Erasmus. We will also read some of the great prayers, from those of St. Anselm and the poetry of Prudentius to the collects from the Book of Common Prayer (yes, in Latin). For the late afternoons, students will enjoy free time to play games in Latin and read and write for the next day. Assignments will consist of writing letters and prayers, and the final assignment will be to memorize a small portion of Latin poetry or a collect.

Students will be sent the packet of readings prior to the course and will be expected to have read it before the first day. From the first meeting till the last session, the instructor and students will speak with each other exclusively in Latin.

Charles Carman, your instructor, is a regular to spoken Latin and Greek conventicula in the summers and has taught spoken Latin at the Conventiculum Moscoae for three years and has taught languages for over five years.

The cost for this course is $500, including your room and board for the duration of the course. Students commuting each day, rather than staying overnight, pay $375.

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Commuter ($375), Residential ($500)