Wenden House

Wenden House for Reformation Studies is a new initiative at New Saint Andrews College launched in fall 2014, attached to the College’s M.A. program in Theology and Letters.  The Wenden House project is dedicated to the retrieval of 16th- and 17th-century Reformed texts for the benefit of the contemporary church and scholars.

Davenant has pledged the funds to sponsor at least two graduate student fellowships each year, for students who will work in the Wenden House program, translating Reformation texts from Latin to English and editing them for publication in scholarly editions and for free use online by Christians worldwide. A private donor has also contributed generously to the project, funding the Wenden House Project Collection of rare Reformation-era books that will be used by the Davenant Fellows in their work.

In summer 2015, Davenant vice-President Peter Escalante joined the faculty of New Saint Andrews College as the director of the Wenden House program. The Wenden House faculty and students are currently engaged in a number of translation projects, including a large multi-year project to translate the seminal work of Girolamo Zanchi (1516-90), De Tribus Elohim. You can view their progress here.

To read an article introducing the program and the first two Davenant Fellows we sponsored for it, see here.

The Master’s of Arts program in Theology & Letters at New Saint Andrews College is an academically-rigorous, two-year graduate program for those aspiring to be theologically-informed creative writers and/or culturally-informed theologians. Students interested in Davenant Fellowships can inquire from New Saint Andrews (208) 882-1566 and learn about the M.A. program at www.nsa.edu.