VIDEO: Pillars in Practice IV: Should Christians Avoid Public Schools?

The issue of Christian education is one of the most important questions most Christian families face, and also one fraught with controversy, that has often divided churches. In this video, Brad Belschner and Brad Littlejohn explore how we can navigate the principled and prudential questions surrounding this issue, and in so doing, illustrate how one might apply Davenant’s focus on “essentials” vs. “non-essentials.”

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 Discussion Points

00:26: Should Christians Avoid Public Schools?

00:45: Should the Government be in the business of educating?

1:00: Increasing Centralization of our Education System

1:55: The Reformers’ view

2:32: Aren’t parents responsible for education?

3:45: Should we have only Christian teachers?

4:47: The biggest problem – the environment of immorality.

5:30: Even some Christian schools are no better.

6:45: Why isn’t it it a black and white question?

8:25: Avoid making pronouncements on Christians that are divisive.

8:50: Essentials and Prudentials.