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The Davenant Institute is a non-profit organization founded to support the renewal of Christian wisdom for the contemporary church. We seek to sponsor historical scholarship at the intersection of the church and academy, build networks of friendship and collaboration within the Reformed and evangelical world, and equip the saints with time-tested resources for faithful public witness.


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If you like the sound of what we’re doing and want to become part of it, the best way is to become a Davenant Partner, supporting us with a regular monthly donation, even if it’s a very small one. As a Partner, you will be kept up to date about all of our work, and (with a gift of $20/mo. or more) receive a free print subscription to our new magazine, Ad Fontes. Donors giving larger amounts will also receive complimentary copies of books that we publish and opportunities to attend special events.

The Davenant Institute is a registered 501(c)3 organization. All your gifts are tax-deductible.


Wisdom vs. Worldview

With your support, we can develop new curricula, courses, and programs to help equip pastors, students, and scholars to access and apply the riches of classical Protestantism. We can also provide more scholarships for students in financial need.

more resources

Help us create more resources to bring the Christian wisdom of the past back into today’s churches and communities: new translations, books, videos, articles, and interviews.


Become a part of a growing network of pastors, scholars, theologically-concerned professionals. Through our Convivia Irenica and other events funded by your support, we aim to build bonds of friendship and collaboration that bridge church, academy, and society, as well as denominational boundaries.