Taking the Next Steps

The Lord has been very good to the Davenant Institute over the past year. We were able to make great contributions to the Reformation 500 commemoration with our publications of People of the Promise: A Mere Protestant Ecclesiology and Reformation Theology: A Reader of Primary Sources. We’ve been able to continue and expand our annual Convivium Irenicum and facilitate a growing number of regional Convivia and other gatherings, including our Reformation Then and Now lecture series. We’ve funded two remarkable research projects through our Davenant Fellowship competition, as well as an exciting upcoming conference at St. Andrew’s University. Our Ad Fontes magazine and Davenant Latin Institute are going strong, and various other online courses, which we’ve been promising for awhile, are well in progress, and will be available before too much longer (we promise!). We’ve engaged Colin Redemer and Alastair Roberts as Teaching Fellows to lecture, write, and lead student summer programs on our behalf.

We also have two new initiatives we will be rolling out in the next few months that I am very pleased to announce. First is a project called Davenant Digests, which aims to bridge the last gap in our multi-stage project of translation—what we might call the pulpit-to-pew gap. These concise, readable, visually-compelling intros are designed for distribution as “e-books” alongside our Ad Fontes magazine, and as leaflets for the literature table at churches or conferences. Stay tuned for an announcement about this new initiative next week. Second, we are planning to use our growing network of partners at Christian colleges, seminaries, and other nonprofits to organize a series of Weekend Workshops on campuses across the country. This latter project is still in its embryonic stages, but if all goes well, you can expect to hear much more about it in the months ahead.

To pull off these new ventures, however, we need to continue to grow our monthly donor base. Much of our work is funded by small donors giving $20, $30, $50/mo. through thick and thin. By this summer, we are hoping to increase our monthly donor stream by at least $300 per month.

To that end, we’d like to invite you, if you value the work that we’re doing and would like to see more of it, to get involved as a Davenant Partner. We value each and every one of our donors and do our utmost to ensure that your support goes to projects that will have the greatest impact for the church at the lowest cost. All new Davenant Partners will receive a free print copy of our first Davenant Digest—”What’s Wrong with ‘Worldview’?”

Brad Littlejohn
President, The Davenant Institute

Digest 1: What's Wrong With "Worldview"?

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