SEPTEMBER 27-28, 2019

Patrick Henry College (Templeton Board Room)
Purcellville, VA

With the Protestant Reformation having recently passed its 500th birthday, many American Christians find themselves asking whether it has now served its purpose—or perhaps whether it even had a purpose to serve. Lured by false promises of certainty, stability, sanctity, historicity, and unity, educated young Protestants have shown an increasing interest in Rome or Eastern Orthodoxy in recent years. Such conversions, however, nearly always manifest a misunderstanding of the true shape of Protestant theology and an ignorance of the fundamental catholicity of the Reformation.

This conference aims to confidently proclaim anew the fundamental message of the Reformation and its relevance today, while helping Protestants understand the deep catholicity of its reforming project. With Christianity in America on the ropes today, the church urgently needs to recover confidence in the glorious gospel of grace and in the continuity of the church’s witness through the centuries.

Join us for a deeper exploration of a grace that’s still worth fighting for!

Brad Littlejohn

Dr. Bradford Littlejohn

The Davenant Institute,
Loudoun Classical School

DG Hart2

Dr. Darryl Hart

Hillsdale College


Dr. Michael Lynch

Delaware Valley Classical School, New Castle, DE


Rev. Dr. Eric Parker

St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Lexington, VA


Rev. Dr. Aaron Denlinger

Westminster Theological Seminary


Rev. Charles R. Biggs

Ketoctin Covenant Presbyterian Church

Event Schedule


Regular: $25

Regular (Friday only): $10

Regular (Saturday only): $15

Students: Free

Friday, September 27

6:00 PM: Registration

6:30-7:30 PM: “Popes, Plots, and Politics: The Political Theology of the Reformation” (Dr. Bradford Littlejohn, The Davenant Institute/Loudoun Classical School)

7:45-8:45 PM: “Treasures in Earthly Vessels: A Reformed Catholic Sacramentology” (Dr. Darryl Hart, Hillsdale College)

9:00-9:30 PM: Q&A Session #1

Saturday, September 28

8:30 AM: Coffee break

9:00-10:00 AM: “The Reformation of Philosophy: Protestantism and the Great Tradition” (Rev. Dr. Eric Parker, St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Lexington, VA)

10:15-11:15 AM: “Justification by Christ Alone: The Coherence of Reformation Soteriology” (Rev. Dr. Aaron Denlinger)

11:30 AM-12:00 PM: Q&A Session #2

12:00-1:00 PM: Lunch (provided)

1:00-2:00 PM: “Who’s Afraid of Predestination? The Catholicity of the Doctrines of Grace” (Dr. Michael Lynch, Delaware Valley Classical School, New Castle, DE)

2:15-3:15 PM: “By Myself I Have Sworn: The Reformation and the Covenantal God” (Rev. Charles Biggs, Ketoctin Covenant Presbyterian Church)

3:15-3:45 PM: Coffee break

3:45-4:15 PM: Q&A Session #3

4:30-6:00 PM: Panel discussion with respondents


Registration closed

(PHC staff and students with meal cards may still attend without pre-registering)