Although we have designed our online courses to be as flexible as possible for students juggling busy schedules and prior commitments, we recognize that many students may not be able to make an intensive or standard semester course work for them. Indeed, we have found that every student comes in not merely with different linguistic ability and aptitude, but often with specific things they are hoping to get out of their study of the language, and a specific timetable they need to meet.

Accordingly, we have developed a tutorial program that aims to be flexible enough to meet any need. For those wishing to follow the same syllabi as our LAT 501, 502, 601, and 602 Intro and Intermediate courses, and be eligible for transcripts (and seminary credit via our partnership with Gordon-Conwell), we have standard tutorial packages on offer. But we are also happy to arrange a tutorial package that gives you exactly what you need and no more. These tutorials, which are not eligible for transcripts, are standardly priced at $40 per one-hour videoconference session, with grading of assignments and any needed correspondence with your tutor included.

Our program director Jonathan Roberts oversees tutorials, however, we can draw on a range of talented and experienced teachers with expertise in different periods and genres of Latin literature to offer you tutorial supervision at introductory, intermediate, or advanced levels. Just scroll down to the Inquiry form below if you wish to contact us and explore a custom tutorial option. Fill out the form below to inquire about options.

For details on what these courses entail, see the Terms and Conditions document.


Course Schedule

SUMMER TERM (7/5 – 8/27, 2021)

Intro to Theological Latin, Pt. III 


Do I need to be a graduate student or seminarian to participate?

No, in fact, you do not need to currently belong to an academic institution at all. Pastors, teachers, and independent scholars are welcome as well, although most of our students are currently enrolled at graduate students or seminaries.

I'm not sure which level my current Latin ability is at. Which course should I enroll in?

No problem. We have four placement exams, which can help us and you determine if you are ready for the Intro Part II, the Intermediate Part I, Intermediate Part II, or Advanced levels. If you’re interested in enrolling but aren’t sure, make your best guess in selecting your course, and then we’ll invite you to take the appropriate placement exam, after which we can re-assess if necessary.

Is there a drop/add date?

We will not normally be allowing students to join one of the classes after the registration deadlines for each course. Students needing to drop a class will be eligible to receive a 60% refund if they drop within the first three weeks of a semester-long course or first week of an intensive course. Students dropping out of a tutorial course may do so at any time and will be refunded $25 for each tutorial unit not yet completed.

How do the live classes work?

All of our live classes use the state-of-the-art videoconferencing software, WebEx, which should work reliably for you as long as you have access to an average-speed internet connection. Recordings of each class, and any “whiteboards” used, will be saved for students who were unable to make a particular class meeting.

Does it matter what time zone I am in?

It is important that you be in a position to participate in most of the live classes in order to discuss the lessons and your work with your professor and classmate. It is our goal to schedule live class times that will fit within normal waking hours for all enrolled students, wherever they live on the globe, though obviously the times will be more convenient for some than others. We will determine the scheduled class times around the registration deadline for each course, depending on the available times indicated by all enrolling students. If the resulting time does not work for you, you will have the option of switching to a self-paced or tutorial approach.

Will I receive credit toward my degree?

Yes, you can. The decision about exactly what credit to award rests with your particular degree-granting institution, however, we currently have credit-recognition agreements in place with three institutions:

You can enroll as a part-time student at any of these institutions to receive credit which you can then transfer back to your home institution. We are in the process of hammering out similar agreements with other institutions. Also, you may request case-by-case credit recognition from your own institution and we would be happy to correspond with your academic officer to help make this possible. We have designed these courses so as to meet accreditation standards for graduate-level theological education, but we are not ourselves a degree-granting institution, and each institution makes its own decisions about if and when to award credits for courses offered by third parties.

Are scholarships available?

Yes, we do offer scholarships for tuition discounts or in rare cases complete tuition coverage. Scholarships are awarded to students in difficult financial circumstances who can demonstrate strong academic ability and discipline, and the importance of these courses to their studies. Scholarships are very competitive, and we have worked to price these courses well below market averages, so we ask that you not apply if you are in a position to pay full tuition. To apply, click here.

Note: Scholarships are not available for tutorials.

What can I do to best prepare in advance for the classes?

Draft syllabi, along with recommendations from our instructors, will be sent out well in advance to all enrolled students.