Dig deeper into the riches of Christian wisdom

Are you a seminarian looking to dig deeper into the riches of the Christian tradition than your generalist degree program can go?

Are you a pastor hungry for opportunities to sharpen your grasp of key biblical doctrines and the church's history?

Are you a Christian layperson who loves to read theology but sometimes feels the need for a guide through the bewildering landscape of the Christian tradition?

Join us at Davenant Hall for expert guided tours into the rich mines of Scripture, history, and Christian doctrine!


Dr. Alastair Roberts


Dr. Michael Lynch


Dr. David Haines

Brad Littlejohn

Dr. Brad Littlejohn


Dr. Joseph Minich


Ryan M. Hurd


The Doctrine of the Trinity in Thomas Aquinas

Join Ryan Hurd for an exploration of Thomas Aquinas’s doctrine of the Trinity!

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Philosophy of Religion: Readings in Stephen R.L. Clark

Join Joseph Minich for an exploration of the thought of contemporary philosopher of religion, Stephen L. Clark

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Jesus as Teacher

Join Alastair Roberts for an exploration of Jesus’s teachings in the Gospels and their relation to the rest of Scripture.

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An Introduction to the English Reformation

Join Brad Littlejohn for an introduction to one of the most important periods in Protestant History

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An Introduction to Tolkien's Theology of the Fairy-Tale

Join Anthony Cirilla for an introduction into the theology behind one of the favorite genres of one of the greatest 20th Century Christian authors.

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Introduction to Medieval Theology

Join David Haines for a Reformed introduction to Medieval Theology.

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Free Choice in Early Modern Reformed Theology

Join Michael Lynch for an introduction into Early Modern Reformed thinking on the tension between God’s foreknowledge and man’s free choice.

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King or Pope?: Christ’s Two Kingdoms Before the Reformation

Join Timothy Enloe for an exploration of political theology and the Two Kingdoms doctrine prior to the Reformation!

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Not so long ago, our seminaries used to be able to see themselves as offering a capstone education, taking the top graduates of rigorous liberal arts colleges and delving deeper with them into the biblical languages, Christian dogmatics, ethics, and church history. Now, however, the collapse of liberal arts education has undermined this foundation, leaving many seminaries no choice but to scale back their aspirations and focus on covering the basics, with broad surveys of biblical and systematic theology, Greek and Hebrew, and practical pastoral training, but not much more. Many students and graduates of these seminaries are hungry for further theological education, and many Christian laypeople are even hungrier.

Over the last 20 years, the internet has resulted in an explosion of new educational resources to help fill this gap. Unfortunately, for many, this has simply increased the sense of bewilderment and disorientation. Too many online course providers see their platforms as primarily a vehicle for transmitting content. Where is the online education oriented toward the classical vision of education as e-ducation—experienced guides and mentors leading students into wisdom and understanding?

This is what Davenant Hall seeks to provide: an array of short, straightforward, no-frills courses that maximize face-time with an instructor who is there not to deliver content, but to act as an expert guide to unexplored territory. Some courses will focus more tightly on a single key text or figure in the Christian tradition, others on broader themes or concepts, but all will be animated by this vision.


New courses will be offered each trimester in a wide range of topics. Sign up to get updates as soon as new courses are offered!