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Are you a student looking to complement your current study program, or to prepare for future study?

Are you a pastor hungry for opportunities to sharpen your grasp of key biblical doctrines and the church's history?

Are you a Christian layperson who loves to read theology but sometimes feels the need for a guide through the bewildering landscape of the Christian tradition?

Are you a classical Christian educator seeking to lay a firm theological foundation for leading your own students into Christian wisdom?

Take a 10 week online Davenant Hall course for an expert-guided tour of the rich mines of Scripture, history, and Christian doctrine!

Now offering two degree programs in Classical Protestantism:

Certificate in Classical Protestantism (36 credits)

A one-year course of study well-suited to serve as a capstone gap year program for students who have completed an undergraduate degree and are considering seminary education or graduate study and want to lay a strong foundation of theological literacy.

M.Litt in Classical Protestantism (72 credits)

A two-year course of study to equip Christian secondary-school or adult education teachers, enable pastors and Christian leaders to round out their education, or to provide a launch-pad for graduate study in Theology or Philosophy.

Or, mix-and-match individual courses on a for-credit or auditing basis!


Building a new Christian republic of letters in a digital age.

2021-2022 Academic Calendar

MICHAELMAS TERM (FALL) - 9/27 – 12/10, 2021

HILARY TERM (WINTER) 1/10 – 3/21, 2022

TRINITY TERM (SPRING) 4/11 – 6/17, 2022

SUMMER TERM 7/4 – 8/26, 2022

(Admissions are on a rolling basis; enroll at any point in the academic year.)


Register for individual classes on a for-credit basis, and you can later on apply them toward a Certificate or Degree.

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Enroll in individual classes on an Auditor basis: readings, live class participation, but no graded assignments.

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SUMMER TERM: Registration Now Open (Deadline: June 17th)

Pastoral Epistles and Early Church Polity

Join Dr. Matthew Colvin in taking a
fresh look at the pastoral epistles
and early church polity.


Coleridge's Christian Romanticism

Join Dr. Anthony Cirilla in exploring Coleridge’s poetry through the lens of his philosophical and theological prose.


Sermons of Thomas Aquinas

Join Ryan Hurd in exploring the
influence and insight of Thomas
Aquinas as a preacher.


Philosophy for Theology

Join Dr. Joe Minich in an introduction to the philosophical grammar that God’s people have used throughout the ages.


Athanasius Against the World

Join Dr. Matthew Hoskin for a deep-dive into the life and teachings of St. Athanasius.


Foundation of Virtue: Aristotle and Aquinas

Join Tim Jacobs in a study of Aristotle and Aquinas as the foundation for understanding virtue.



Davenant Hall is seeking to reimagine Christian education.

We combine the rich theological and moral vision of the Reformation with a self-conscious desire to create unique modern expressions of that Reformation's "Republic of Letters".

To that end, we advance and renew Christian wisdom for the digital age, harnessing the new powers of the internet to offer effective and flexible online instruction, and the old practices of in-person community and mentorship to seek wisdom together through discipleship retreats and residential intensives at our Davenant House property.

Taking these together, Davenant Hall allows students to engage the great tradition in order to mature and grow into whatever vocation God has given them.

This curriculum affords students the opportunity to work through texts with guides who can enable students to more deeply know God’s two books, and themselves, in a way that moves them toward the mastery of wisdom: the effective grasp of Word and world, and the ability to see all things in the radiance the eternal Logos whose light enlightens all men and who can be found by those who seek Him.


Dr. Alastair Roberts

PhD, University of Durham

Bible, Core

Brad Littlejohn

Dr. Brad Littlejohn

PhD, University of Edinburgh

Core, Church History


Dr. Joseph Minich

PhD, U. of Texas at Dallas

Core, Philosophy


Rev. Dr. Eric Parker

PhD, McGill University



Dr. David Haines

PhD, Université Laval

Systematics, Church History

MHoskin (1)

Dr. Matthew Hoskin

PhD, University of Edinburgh

Church History


Michael Hughes

ThM candidate, Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

Residential Core, Spirituality


Dr. Anthony Cirilla

PhD, Saint Louis University


Colin headshot

Colin Redemer

PhD candidate, University of Aberdeen

Philosophy, Core


Ryan M. Hurd

PhD candidate, Theologische Universiteit Kampen



Dr. Michael Lynch

PhD, Calvin Theological Seminary

Systematics, Church History

danny hyde

Rev. Daniel Hyde

ThM, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

Bible, Systematics

Colvin Headshot

Dr. Matthew Colvin

PhD, Cornell University


Stefan Image

Dr. Patrick Stefan

PhD, University of Denver


onsi headshot

Onsi Kamel

MA, University of Chicago


Charles Carman

Charles Carman

MA, New St. Andrew's College