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  • UK Davenant Convivium 2024: Renewing British Political Theology

    UK Davenant Convivium 2024: Renewing British Political Theology

    Join us at Oak Hill College on January 20, 2024 to explore the renewal of British political theology. Learn More

    Featuring Oliver O’Donovan | January 2024 | London
  • C.S. Lewis as Historian of Religion

    C.S. Lewis as Historian of Religion

    Join us for a free Zoom lecture + Q&A with Joseph Minich on Thursday 14th December 2023. Learn More

    Featuring Joseph Minich | December 14, 2023 8 PM ET | Zoom

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Davenant Projects
Theological Education

At Davenant Hall, we are reinventing the medieval university for the digital age through affordable and expert online courses and degree programs.

A journal of
Protestant Letters

Ad Fontes is the journal of the Davenant Institute, publishing a premium print edition each quarter, a weekly podcast, and daily online articles.

Building an
Army of friends

Davenant House is our residential hub in the Blue Ridge Mountains, SC. Although we embrace the the benefits of technology, in-person fellowship is key to our mission.

Davenant Press


the Church

The Davenant Press publishes new books, essay collections, and new editions of historic Christian texts to resource pastors, scholars, and laypeople.

Why Do Protestants Convert?


A strange phenomenon has gripped Protestantism in recent decades: many of its best and brightest thinkers have converted to Roman Catholicism. Likewise, many earnest, normal believers have found Protestantism shallow in doctrine, history, ethics, and worship, and made the leap to Rome.

How can Protestants make sense of this? In this short and penetrating book, originally published as a series of essays, Brad Littlejohn and Chris Castaldo insightfully diagnose the psychological, theological, and sociological factors behind Protestant conversions to Rome.

Made Like the Maker

Christian Ethics, Vol. 2


Christian ethics challenges us to embody divine virtues, fulfilling the command to “be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect” and to “love one another as I have loved you.” But how can flawed humanity reflect the incomparable Wisdom, Righteousness, and Goodness that are the essence of the Divine? How can the creatures align with their Creator?

In this insightful and enriching second volume of his Christian Ethics, Thomas Traherne delves deep into these divine paradoxes. He probes the realms of wisdom, righteousness, goodness, holiness, justice, mercy, faith, and hope, delineating how, through divine grace, we can be re-molded into the image of our Creator, imitating Christ and so finding true happiness.

Communicating God’s Trinitarian Fullness

An Exposition of Jonathan Edwards’ End of Creation

By Joe Rigney

In this book, Joe Rigney points the way to an enriched understanding of Jonathan Edwards’s classic End for Which God Created the World and the sublime mysteries which it plumbs: that God has an end in creation; that God is eternally happy and self-sufficient in Himself; that God creates everything from nothing; and that God values things according to their value. Rigney’s work invites academics, pastors, and laypeople alike into conversation with one of the brightest lights of the Reformed tradition.

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