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Upcoming Events
  • California Regional Convivium

    California Regional Convivium

    Join us for the First California Regional Convivium. The theme is, On The Trinity: Retrieving Classical Theism. Learn More

    September 22-23, 2023 | Providence Christian College, Pasedena, CA
  • 2023 Regional Convivium: Private Property and Christian Charity

    2023 Regional Convivium: Private Property and Christian Charity

    The Davenant Institute invites you to our fall rendition of our now bi-annual Carolinas Regional Convivium Irenicum. Learn More

    October 20-21st, 2023 | Davenant House, Landrum, SC
  • Tenth Anniversary Gathering at ETS

    Tenth Anniversary Gathering at ETS

    Meet key members of the Davenant Institute’s at our tenth anniversary gathering at ETS on November 15. Learn More

    November 15, 2023 | The Grand Promenade, San Antonio, TX

Check out our calendar for additional events.

  • An Army of Elder Brothers

    It is not accidental that many of the original Davenant network discovered one another in the Wild West of the internet. As our President, Brad Littlejohn, has outlined elsewhere, it all began with him being wrong on the internet. Indeed, I too was there when the deeper magic from before the dawn of time was… …read more


    Ad Fontes


    An Army of Elder Brothers
  • From the Camino de Santiago to Davenant House

    Michael Hughes reflects on his own journey from a discipleship trip in Spain to becoming director at the Davenant House. …read more




    From the Camino de Santiago to Davenant House
  • A Decade of Davenant

    Brad Littlejohn reflects, “The Davenant Institute began, like the classic meme, with someone being wrong on the internet. That someone was me.” …read more




    A Decade of Davenant
Davenant Projects
Theological Education

At Davenant Hall, we are reinventing the medieval university for the digital age through affordable and expert online courses and degree programs.

A journal of
Protestant Letters

Ad Fontes is the journal of the Davenant Institute, publishing a premium print edition each quarter, a weekly podcast, and daily online articles.

Building an
Army of friends

Davenant House is our residential hub in the Blue Ridge Mountains, SC. Although we embrace the the benefits of technology, in-person fellowship is key to our mission.

Davenant Press


the Church

The Davenant Press publishes new books, essay collections, and new editions of historic Christian texts to resource pastors, scholars, and laypeople.

Communicating God’s Trinitarian Fullness

An Exposition of Jonathan Edwards’ End of Creation

By Joe Rigney

In this book, Joe Rigney points the way to an enriched understanding of Jonathan Edwards’s classic End for Which God Created the World and the sublime mysteries which it plumbs: that God has an end in creation; that God is eternally happy and self-sufficient in Himself; that God creates everything from nothing; and that God values things according to their value. Rigney’s work invites academics, pastors, and laypeople alike into conversation with one of the brightest lights of the Reformed tradition.

Synopsis of a Purer Theology

Volumes I-II


The Synopsis offers both a snapshot of the state of confessional theology in the 17th-century Dutch Reformed tradition, and also an enduring example of how the project of systematizing doctrine can serve the church. The Leiden professors modeled thoroughness and clarity of thought in the face of confusion, and a vision of irenic Christian unity over brittle doctrinal uniformity. 

Begotten Or Made? A New Edition for the 21st Century

BY OLIVER O’DONOVAN | $23.95 | 160 Pages

How is it that we have so lost sight of the meaning of the human person that our very biological sex is seen as just another medical problem to be solved by technique? In a society that has rejected all moral norms, that refuses to honor God as Creator, what hope do we have of stemming the tide of scientific intervention into even the most sacred dimensions of our humanity? In this prescient volume, originally published in 1984, the eminent theological ethicist Oliver O’Donovan offers a penetrating analysis of our confusion over human nature and the proper boundaries of medical science.

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