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Since the beginning, the Davenant Institute has been making extensive use of online media to make the resources of classical Protestantism available and accessible for all. Continuing that work, we are now pleased to offer 20 hour video lecture modules as part of our larger Davenant Hall program.

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Christ and His Work

Exploring the mystery of the Incarnation

Who do you say that Jesus is? Why did God become man? Like Jesus’ disciples, we are required both to assent not only to Jesus’ kingdom, but to the truth of his being. Christology is at the core of the Christian faith, but confusions abound when many Christians try to make sense of the mystery of the incarnation: What does it mean that he has two natures? Does Jesus’ humiliation mean that he actually emptied himself of his divinity? 

In this twenty-hour lecture series, the widely-respected historical theologian and Davenant Hall professor Dr. Michael Lynch will consider these questions and many more. He will examine several heterodox positions related to the person and work of Christ, while filling out a fully-orbed, Reformed orthodox Christology. Listeners will gain both language and theological frameworks for understanding and speaking about our Lord in a biblically faithful and sound way, avoiding common heresies and misconceptions. 

After establishing a biblical foundation for Christology by examining relevant Old and New Testament passages, Dr. Lynch unpacks the relationship of the divine and human natures of Jesus Christ in the hypostatic union. He then moves on to consider Christ’s humiliation: God’s condescension to receive human flesh, his life on earth, and the passion on the cross. Other lectures examine different models of the atonement, with a particular focus on penal substitutionary atonement and the extent of the atonement. The lectures end with a close look at Jesus’ exaltation at the right hand of the Father, what this means for him and us, and the twofold kingdom of Christ. 

These lectures are for anyone who wants to understand, biblically and theologically, what it means that Jesus was both God and man. They will help faithful Christians recognize the many ways that popular Christian language and theology falls short of the glories of sound Christology, and gain the theological tools needed to be able to answer the question, “who do you say I am?” with our intellects as well as our hearts.

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Join Dr. Alastair Roberts to explore what it means to read the Bible and develop biblical wisdom.

Join Dr. Michael Lynch to explore the mystery of the person and work of Jesus Christ.

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Davenant Hall advances and renews Christian wisdom for the digital age. Launched in 2019, our classes allow students to work through classic texts alongside expert guides, developing a firm grasp of God’s Word and his world grounded in the classical Protestant tradition. We offer affordable 10-week courses in the treasures of Scripture, Christian doctrine, and the rich intellectual tradition through which they have flowed down over the centuries–even to the present day.

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