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Since 2014, Davenant Press has been publishing books to renew and build up the contemporary church. Our publications include modernizations and translations of historic texts, essay collections, and our Convivium proceedings, as well as original works.

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Davenant Guides seek to offer short and accessible introductions to key issues of current debate in theology and ethics, drawing on a magisterial Protestant perspective and defending its contemporary relevance today.


The Library of Early English Protestantism is an ongoing project that aims to make available in scholarly but accessible editions seminal writings from key but neglected 16th and 17th-century Church of England theologians.

Davenant Retrievals further our mission of recovering the riches of the Reformation by offering concise, collaborative expositions of a doctrinal topic key to the Protestant heritage and defending its relevance today.

Explore the collected works of the great but forgotten Italian Reformer, Peter Martyr Vermigli, ranging from his writings on philosophy and the Eucharist to our ongoing translation and republication of his

Loci Communes.

Convivium Proceedings gather together the best of the papers and addresses delivered by expert scholars at our annual National Convivium Irenicum at Davenant House in South Carolina.

The American Theology Series is an ongoing project from the Davenant Press with goals: to produce scholarly but accessible editions of primary sources from vital but often neglected American theologians from the 17th through the 20th centuries, and to publish fresh original expositions of their thought.

In partnership with the Liberty Fund, we offer significant yet forgotten works of political theology by figures like Samuel Pufendorf and Emer De Vattel. With Protestant political retrieval on the rise, now is the perfect time to rediscover these foundational texts.

Aside from our ongoing series, we regularly publish separate titles covering everything from literature to theology, philosophy,

and more.

New from Davenant Press

Religion & Republic

Christian America from the Founding to the Civil War

By Miles Smith

A Protestant Republic

In recent years, America’s status as a “Christian nation” has become an incredibly vexed question. This is not simply a debate about America’s present, or even its future–it has become a debate about its past. Some want to rewrite America’s history as having always been highly secular in order to ensure a similar future; others seek to reframe the American founding as a continuation of medieval Christendom in the hopes of reviving America’s religious identity today.

In this book, Miles Smith offers a fresh historical reading of America’s status as a Christian nation in the Early Republic era. Defined neither by secularism nor Christendom, America was instead marked by “Christian institutionalism.” Christianity–and Protestantism specifically–was always baked into the American republic’s diplomatic, educational, judicial, and legislative regimes and institutional Christianity in state apparatuses coexisted comfortably with disestablishment from the American Revolution until the beginning of the twenty-first century. 

Any productive discussion about America’s religious present or future must first reckon accurately with its past. With close attention to a wide range of sermons, letters, laws, court cases and more, Religion & Republic offers just such a reckoning.


If you are new to the work of Davenant, then our best-selling titles are a great place to start finding out about our mission and distinctives.

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The Two Kingdoms
The Laws of Ecclesiastical
polity in modern english
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Fighting for
Reformation theology
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On the Death of Christ


For whom did Christ die?

John Davenant’s Death of Christ remains the most significant and comprehensive example of English hypothetical universalism. Coming on the heels of the Synod of Dordt, Davenant’s Death of Christ is a scholastic treatise dealing with the question of the extent of Christ’s atonement-for whom did Christ die? Avoiding both the Scylla of Arminianism and Charybdis of certain strands of Reformed theology, Davenant employs Scripture, reason, and testimonies from ecclesiastical history in defense of the so-called Lombardian formula: Christ died for all people sufficiently; efficaciously for the elect alone.

John Davenant’s On the Death of Christ, a classic of English Reformed thought on the atonement, is now available in a new translation by Dr. Michael Lynch–the first in modern English. This book also features two shorter letters which Davenant wrote on this topic to both the French Reformed churches and to Herman Hildebrand.

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