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Since 2014, Davenant Press has been publishing books to renew and build up the contemporary church. Our publications include modernizations and translations of historic texts, essay collections, and our Convivium proceedings, as well as original works.

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Why Do Protestants Convert?


A strange phenomenon has gripped Protestantism in recent decades: many of its best and brightest thinkers have converted to Roman Catholicism. Likewise, many earnest, normal believers have found Protestantism shallow in doctrine, history, ethics, and worship, and made the leap to Rome.

How can Protestants make sense of this? In this short and penetrating book, originally published as a series of essays, Brad Littlejohn and Chris Castaldo insightfully diagnose the psychological, theological, and sociological factors behind Protestant conversions to Rome.

With refreshing honesty, they find many converts’ criticisms of contemporary Protestantism to be warranted, but argue that historic magisterial Protestantism has within it the answers to these objections and the resources for a Protestant renewal

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Davenant Guides seek to offer short and accessible introductions to key issues of current debate in theology and ethics, drawing on a magisterial Protestant perspective and defending its contemporary relevance today.


The Library of Early English Protestantism is an ongoing project that aims to make available in scholarly but accessible editions seminal writings from key but neglected 16th and 17th-century Church of England theologians.

Davenant Retrievals further our mission of recovering the riches of the Reformation by offering concise, collaborative expositions of a doctrinal topic key to the Protestant heritage and defending its relevance today.

Explore the collected works of the great but forgotten Italian Reformer, Peter Martyr Vermigli, ranging from his writings on philosophy and the Eucharist to our ongoing translation and republication of his

Loci Communes.

Convivium Proceedings gather together the best of the papers and addresses delivered by expert scholars at our annual National Convivium Irenicum at Davenant House in South Carolina.

Aside from our ongoing series, we regularly publish separate titles covering everything from literature to theology, philosophy,

and more.


If you are new to the work of Davenant, then our best-selling titles are a great place to start finding out about our mission and distinctives.

Natural Theology
The Two Kingdoms
The Laws of Ecclesiastical
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Grace Worth
Fighting for
Reformation theology

Made Like the Maker

Christian Ethics, Vol. 2


To be like God is the way to be happy

Christian ethics challenges us to embody divine virtues, fulfilling the command to “be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect” and to “love one another as I have loved you.” But how can flawed humanity reflect the incomparable Wisdom, Righteousness, and Goodness that are the essence of the Divine? How can the creatures align with their Creator?

In this insightful and enriching second volume of his Christian Ethics, Thomas Traherne delves deep into these divine paradoxes. He probes the realms of wisdom, righteousness, goodness, holiness, justice, mercy, faith, and hope, delineating how, through divine grace, we can be re-molded into the image of our Creator, imitating Christ and so finding true happiness.

This modernization by Colin Chan Redemer invites contemporary readers to rediscover this underappreciated masterpiece, navigating it without the barriers of archaic language. The edition is enriched by an illuminating introductory essay, “The Spiritual Technology of Christian Poetics.” This essay exposes the connections between philosophy, poetry, technology, and the God of Jesus Christ, providing readers with a profound understanding of Traherne’s harmonious blend of theology and anthropology, and of virtue ethics and Christian practice as a form of spiritual devotion.

Traherne’s eloquent prose and thoughtful integration of diverse strands of thought make him an indispensable voice in Christian literature, a hidden treasure awaiting rediscovery.

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