VIDEO: Pillars in Practice I: Why Should Christians Study Pagan Philosophy?

Many Christians question the value of pagan philosophy as a useful tool for Christian theology; at best, they think, it can serve as a foil to show the dead ends that a false worldview leads to. But most of the Christian theological tradition leaned heavily on the insights of Plato and Aristotle. In this video, we discuss why they did, and why we should continue to today.

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 Discussion Points

00:45: Isn’t the Gospel foolishness to the Greeks? So what can we gain from studying them?

1:15: The danger of knowledge that puffs up, the value of philosophy that reminds us of our ignorance.

2:15: Biblical wisdom literature as an example of philosophy.

2:45: So why Plato and Aristotle in particular?

4:15: It’s not a question of whether you’re going to have a philosophical framework, but which;

5:25: Theologians who drew on Greek philosophy did so critically and thoughtfully, rather than adopting it wholesale.