Remembering the Importance of Divine Justice–An Update from Dr. Tim Baylor

In conjunction with my research on the work of John Owen, the last several months have had me working on a treatise on divine justice authored by Jesuit luminary Francisco Suarez. This work is a very rich and nuanced treatment of a dogmatic topic central to many of the most controversial theological discussions of the early Modern period.

Andrew Fuller Conference: The Diversity of Dissent

We are pleased to announce that The Davenant Trust is co-sponsoring the upcoming Andrew Fuller Conference at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. The theme of the conference is “The Diversity of Dissent: A Quatercentennial Appreciation of Richard Baxter, John Owen, and William Kiffen.”

Speakers for the event include Davenant Trust Board of Advisors member Herman Selderhuis as well as Michael Haykin, Crawford Gribben, Russell Fuller, Larry Kreitzer, and David Sytsma. You can learn more about the conference by visiting the official website for the event.

We are particularly pleased to be sponsoring a conference on this theme because of its overlap with our own Convivium Irenicum event this past summer and our ongoing interest in the boundaries of and diversity within the reformed tradition.