VIDEO: Davenant Discussions: What was Wrong with the Religious Right?

In this video, we explore the third pillar of Davenant’s vision. What was wrong with the Religious Right? What was right with the Religious Right? What principles do Christians need to grasp for effective and faithful public engagement?

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Video Questions

0:36 Many western societies are post-Christian. Political, economic, and social structures are increasingly excluding Christian thought and are even hostile to them. Many Christian organizations are trying to help Christians know how to speak in the public square. What does Davenant offer that is unique in that project?

5:10 In saying all this, you’re insisting on a certain level of Christian patience, that somehow the long slow work of ordinary lay people in their vocations will bring some change and Christ will use that as part of his kingdom. Is that accurate?

6:43 Is this hostility so deeply entrenched that, at this point, the barriers to Christian are basically insurmountable?