VIDEO: Davenant Discussions: Why Tradition When We Have the Bible?

In this video, we explore the second pillar of The Davenant Trust’s vision: Retrieval. Why is it important to retrieve the historic traditions of our faith? How does such respect for tradition differ from a Catholic approach to tradition? And, to put it most bluntly, why do we need historical theology when we have the Bible?

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Video Questions

0:38 Retrieving the riches of the theology of the historical Christian church is a huge part of Davenant’s mission. If the Bible is our primary authority, what then is so valuable about the doctrines, traditions, and liturgies and customs of the church throughout history?

2:32 How does this Protestant appeal to church tradition differ from the Roman Catholic appeal to tradition as a source of authority in the life of the church?

4:10 We don’t want to distract Christians from turning to the Scriptures as their ultimate authority for belief and practice. You’ve developed some metaphors to explain how historical theology works alongside the individual’s reading of Scripture. Can you talk about that a little bit?

6:37 We are living in a time when there is a lot of hostility rising against the Christian faith. Is it really worth our time to be spending time digging up fairly obscure historical figures? Is this just an Ivory Tower exercise?