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Reading the Bible and the World

A 12 Day Summer Program with Dr. Joseph Minich

JUNE 17-29, 2024

This two-week residential course will introduce you to the patterns of God’s self-revelation in his world and his Word, to tools and strategies employed by the church historically and today for reading this revelation well, and to wisdom in applying this discernment of God’s will to your own life and calling.

Each day will begin with Scripture study on a passage relevant to the theme of the course, with afternoons spent in lectures and Socratic discussion seminars. In addition to accessible contemporary introductions, students will grapple with key texts in the Christian tradition that shed light on the relationship of Word and world.

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Reading the Bible and the World

June 17-29, 2024
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Protestantism and the Commonwealth

JuLy 15-27, 2024
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