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Tenth Anniversary Gathering at ETS

In Honor of Davenant’s 10th Anniversary

November 15, 2023 | THE GRAND PROMENADE, SAN ANTONIO, TX 78205

For ten years, the Davenant Institute has been building an army of friends dedicated to Protestant renewal. A decade is a huge anniversary, and Davenant has so much to celebrate. 

Together we have conversed, collaborated, and conviviated in service of an intellectually rigorous and historically rooted Reformational vision – and our community grows bigger and bigger with each passing year. We have formed a band of writers and scholars, pastors and laypeople, entrepreneurs and educators dedicated to retrieving Protestant wisdom. And over the last ten years, together through God’s grace we have accomplished amazing things. 

In honor of this milestone, all of us at Davenant would like to invite you to join our army of friends this November in San Antonio as we gather amidst the Evangelical Theological Society’s Annual Meeting for an evening of fellowship! We’ll be meeting at the GRAND PROMENADE one block away from the convention center (113 Alamo Plaza, San Antonio, TX 78205). 

Meet key members of the Davenant Institute’s team of scholars and writers, including President Brad Littlejohn, Vice-President, Colin Redemer, our Davenant Press editors Rhys Laverty, Mark Hamilton, and our Teaching Fellows Joseph Minich, Ryan Hurd, and Tim Jacobs!

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While we are committed to leveraging the benefits of the digital age to serve the Church, we are also committed to building an army of friends—something we can only do effectively through sharing fellowship in person. If you are interested in the mission of Davenant, look out for events near to you and come and join us in our work.

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