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As a non-profit organization, we are dependent upon the generosity of our donors. Through the tremendous dedication of our army of friends, we have been able to multiply the impacts of your gifts many times over.

But the needs are urgent and the opportunities are great; we are excited to grow our work to sustain and renew the church’s faithful witness in a challenging world.

If you support our mission, or have benefited from our work, then consider supporting us today—either with a one-time donation, or by becoming a monthly donor.

What People are saying

“The Davenant Institute is doing for scholars and pastors what no other theological institution is doing: publishing well-researched, well-written, culturally informed, historically grounded, methodologically sound articles and books that build squarely on the wisdom of the Protestant tradition and that speak a timely word to the local church as well as to the academy.

A steadfast commitment to classical theism, a patient outworking of the political theology and the two-kingdoms theology of the Reformers, and a reclamation of the biblical and historical arguments for natural law and natural theology are a few standout distinctives of Davenant that have helped me as pastor. I recommend that pastors make DI the hub of their continuing theological education.”

Jeremy Sexton, Pastor

What People are saying

“The folks at the Davenant Institute have built a truly one-of-a-kind organization. As a writer and as former Church staff, I have found their books & articles to be invaluable, as well as their in-person events where thoughtful Christians can exchange ideas, clarify their own thought, and go deeper in their theological understanding. 

DI provides top-notch resources to equip Protestant Christians to understand their own often forgotten tradition, all while staying grounded in worship and community.  I can’t recommend DI enough to any Christian who is fatigued by the shallowness that often plagues our theological discourse, and wants to recover the riches we have inherited in the Protestant tradition.”

—Robin Harris, Writer and Editor

What People are saying

“The Davenant Institute’s fearless pursuit of the catholicity of wisdom has greatly provided both courage and resources for my own studies. Here is a cheery brotherhood of mentors and friends with steady footing and clear eyes, seeking virtue together for the glory of Christ. Davenant reminds me why I wanted to be a theologian in the first place.”

—Shep Shepherd, Chief Law Clerk at The Adoption Law Firm

What People are saying

“As a pastor, I’m always looking for high-quality, low-cost opportunities for me, my parishioners, and seminarians to learn from the riches of the Protestant intellectual tradition, and I’ve found that in the Davenant Institute. From the study of original languages to seminars on natural law, there is something from the interested layperson to the devoted scholar and everyone in between. I’m grateful for the work of the Davenant Institute and look forward to learning with and from them for years to come.”

—Rev. Dr. John D. “Jady” Koch, Jr. 

Donor Perks

All donors are eligible for a wide range of perks if giving more than $250 per year.


  • Access to our Davenant Common Room Discord server—a vibrant hub of community discussion


  • Partner-level perks
  • Complimentary print+digital subscription to Ad Fontes


  • Friends-level perks
  • Complimentary copies of all newly published Davenant Press books
  • Complimentary audit of one Davenant Hall class per year


  • Patrons-level perks
  • A weekend stay at Davenant House each year to spend time with the President and Davenant House Director

Why partner with us?

Since its inception in 2013, Davenant has achieved an extraordinary amount on an extraordinarily small budget. Aided by dedicated volunteers, and strengthened by bonds of enduring friendship, we’ve created a publishing house, a quarterly journal, a residential study center, a graduate college, and a growing network of scholars, pastors, and leaders across North America and the world.

As we continue to expand this crucial work, we rely more and more on the support of donors like you. But we retain our commitment to multiply the impact of your gifts by keeping operating costs low and funneling resources directly to the front-line teachers and writers who are making a transformational difference in their churches, schools, and communities. If you’d like to be a part of this unique and timely project, consider partnering with us today.

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