Common Places: Gregory Soderberg on Reformed Communion Practices and Church Discipline

Gregory Soderberg (PhD Candidate VU Amsterdam) speaks on the changes that were implemented in communion practice during the Reformation by Bucer, Calvin, and Oecolampadius.



1:40-7:00– What were some common communion practices in the pre-Reformation church?
7:30-What did the Reformers want to change about the practice and frequency of communion?
11:00-The importance of understanding the liturgy.
12:00-The uniqueness of the Swiss Reformation and the process of Reformation in Switzerland’s city republics.
13:30-16:00-The influence of Johannes Oecolampadius in the Swiss Reformation.
17:00-18:30-Martin Bucer’s influence on Calvin’s view of church discipline.
22:30-Efforts to examine church members before communion.
25:00-26:00-Calvin’s program of church discipline and the role of the consistory.
26:00-27:40- The Reformer’s view of discipline and centrality of the Word. 
27:45-31:20-Calvin’s advocacy of weekly communion.
36:00-Celebrations of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation
39:00-How do we move forward with the work of Reformation in our own time?