PPPEP 2017 Report

By Alastair Roberts
Over the course of five days, eight students gathered together on the shores of the beautiful Lake Coeur D’Alene to explore the wisdom of the Protestant tradition on philosophical, ethical, and political issues. During this period of intense conversation, study, and fellowship, we delved deeply into the riches of writers such as John Calvin, Zacharias Ursinus, Richard Hooker, C.S. Lewis, and Oliver O’Donovan, discovering in their voices compelling and powerful resources to bring to bear upon the challenges and possibilities that face us in the twenty-first century. Each day of study began and ended with prayer and was punctuated by lengthy mealtimes, where conversations spilled over from the four hours of lecture and discussion and further stimulating discussions arose. We also made the most of the opportunity to enjoy the remarkable surroundings, canoeing, swimming, and paddleboarding on the lake together. The value of PPPEP is found, not merely in an introduction and exposure to the treasures of the Protestant tradition, but also in the opportunity to spend a spiritually refreshing and intellectually stimulating few days with others who share a passion for deepening their knowledge and engagement with it. Anyone who attends should grow, not only in their understanding and appreciation of the tradition, but also in friendships that will encourage, support, and equip them in their further studies.