Lecture Courses

An Introduction to Biblical Wisdom

Faithful readers of Scripture may find themselves, even after decades steeped in the text, longing for a better understanding of God’s Word. Deeper engagement requires better tools for excavating Scripture’s many layers. If we aren’t attentive to genre, literary form, and symbolism, we will be unequipped to fully grapple with the text.

In this engaging twenty-hour video lecture series from renowned biblical scholar Dr. Alastair Roberts, the listener will embark on a sweeping journey from Genesis to Revelation with a guide experienced in navigating Scripture’s varied terrain. Listeners will gain a deeper understanding not only of the Bible itself and how it works, but also its vision for how we can grow in wisdom.

In the first ten lectures, Dr. Roberts explores the hermeneutical principles needed to read the Bible well as literature, paying close attention to the importance of symbolism and typology, as well as the theological themes woven throughout the text. In his overview of the Old Testament, he explores the major themes that run through the Pentateuch, narratives, and prophets. He then follows these threads into the New Testament, exploring how these themes continue and develop through the Gospels, the Epistles, and through Revelation.

In part two of the lecture series, Dr. Roberts walks through the Bible a second time, focusing now on the concept and place of wisdom literature in holy Scripture. He examines the relationship between creation and wisdom as found in Genesis 1-3, the role of wisdom in The Law in the Pentateuch, and much more. Throughout this second walkthrough, the listener will learn how wrestling with the poetic insights of wisdom literature can help us grow in wisdom. Finally, listeners will see how the concept of wisdom is developed in the New Testament, as the Logos becomes enfleshed and walks among men.

These lectures are for anyone who wants to read the Bible better, inviting the text to shape their both heart and mind. As listeners learn to be attentive readers, they will not only understand the facts and structure of the text, but will grow in wisdom as their hearts and imaginations are shaped by the inspired word of God.

Once the product is available, you will receive lifetime digital access to the complete set of video recordings via Dropbox. 

Two Lecture Series in One


Included Lectures:

A Walk Through the Bible

  1. Reading the Bible: The Literature of the Bible
  2. Reading the Bible: Symbolism and Typology
  3. Reading the Bible: Reading the Bible Theologically
  4. Old Testament Overview: The Pentateuch
  5. Old Testament Overview: The Kingdom
  6. Old Testament Overview: Exile and Return
  7. The Gospels, Part 1
  8. The Gospel, Part 2
  9. Acts and the Mission of the Early Church
  10. Epistles and Revelation

A Walk Through Biblical Wisdom

  1. Introduction to Wisdom
  2. Genesis 1-3 and Wisdom
  3. The Law and Wisdom
  4. The Wisdom Literature
  5. Proverbs
  6. Psalms and the Song of Songs
  7. Job and Ecclesiastes
  8. New Testament Wisdom
  9. Wisdom and Speech
  10. Wisdom, Time, Suffering, and Death