The Principles of Moral and Christian Philosophy

(Vol. 1 & 2)

By Emer de Vattel


Publication Date: April 2005

About this book

A treatise on Christian morality

The Principles of Moral and Christian Philosophy presents the first masterpiece of Scottish Common Sense philosophy. This two-volume treatise is important for its wide range of insights about the nature of the human mind, the foundations of morals, and the relationship between morality and religion.

The first volume presents a detailed study of the faculties of the human mind and their interrelations. The second volume presents arguments for the existence of God and for God’s infinite perfection. The underlying notion is God’s moral government of the world, in which there is recompense for good and evil deeds.

Hardcover | In Two volumes | 984 pages | 6×9 | Published April 2005 | ISBN 978-0-86597-454-8

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The Principles of Moral Philosophy

About the Author and Editor

George Turnbull (1698–1748) taught at Marischal College, Aberdeen.

Alexander Broadie is Professor of Logic and Rhetoric at the University of Glasgow.

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