Davenant Latin Institute Partners with Gordon Conwell

The Davenant Latin Institute is gearing up for another great year of enriching the church and academy by equipping students, teachers, pastors, and scholars to read the language of our Christian past. We are also excited to announce that we have just established a partnership with Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary to recognize all our courses for seminary-level credit. Students who take our courses, enroll at GCTS as special students, and pay a modest transcripting fee, will be able, in principle, to transfer this language or elective credit to any ATS institution in the United States and Canada!

This arrangement, together with our agreement with New Saint Andrews College to award undergraduate language credit for DLI courses, enables students at any level to receive appropriate formal recognition for their work.

Our intro-level courses, appropriate for students with little or no existing Latin knowledge, make use of the pioneering newonline Latin program designed by Tim Griffith at New Saint Andrews College and powered by BibleMesh.

Our intermediate-level courses are designed for students who understand how the Latin language works but need much more practice reading and translating representative texts. Our curriculum is unique in seeking to teach the full breadth of the Latin language, with particular focus on its use in the Christian church, exposing students to classical, patristic, medieval, and Renaissance/Reformation Latin grammar, vocabulary, and texts.

Our advanced-level courses are designed for students seeking to delve deeply into the language and thought-world of different periods of Christian Latin literature—Patristic, Medieval, and Early Modern.
See this video clip from our Advanced Early Modern course for a sense of what our courses offer.

All our courses are priced at between $120 and $220 per credit-hour, well below the costs of most other online graduate-level courses, and scholarships are available for promising students in need of financial assistance.

The deadline for registering for Fall 2016 courses is August 1, so enroll soon if you wish to participate. If you want to learn more about the GCTS partnership, or have any questions about any other aspects of the program, please email Brad Littlejohn (b.littlejohn@davenanttrust.org).