Deadline for Davenant Fellowship Application Extended

If you were thinking of applying for our Davenant Fellowship, with $2,500 of funding toward a Ph.D or postdoctoral project in Protestant historical theology, we have good news! We have just extended the application deadline until July 29th.

To apply, please email Brad Littlejohn with a document containing the following:

  • A description of your current educational status, institution, and field of study.
  • A 500-750-word description of the research you are proposing to undertake or are currently in the midst of, and its importance for church and academy, highlighting how this undertaking fits into the mission and vision of the Davenant Trust.
  • A brief account of why you consider yourself particularly qualified to undertake this project.
  • An account of other sources of funding you have sought or will be seeking, and why funds from such sources are unavailable or insufficient.
  • The names and contact information of one academic and one pastoral reference.

All applications will be carefully reviewed by a committee of three scholars.

See full details here.