Davenant Latin Institute Partners with BibleMesh and New Saint Andrews

After a successful first year of the Davenant Latin Institute, we are pleased to announce today new plans to expand the program’s reach. We are partnering with BibleMesh and New Saint Andrews College to further our goal of providing accessible, affordable online Latin education for anyone interested in learning Latin. The first module NSA’s BibleMesh Latin is now online and ready for purchase. The video below, produced by NSA, shows how the software works:

Using this software as a base for our Intro-level courses, Davenant Latin Institute instructors will work through new concepts and exercises with students, helping them tackle difficult material and build fluency and accuracy in translation. New Saint Andrews College will recognize our courses for credit for any participants who wish to enroll as non-matriculating students at NSA. Students interested in more advanced coursework can then progress to our advanced level courses.

Information about intermediate-level coursework can be found here. If you’re interested in our advanced offerings, you can learn about them right here. More general information about the Davenant Latin Institute is available here.