Call for Book Donations for Davenant House


The Davenant Trust is seeking donations of books for its new study center in upstate SC, Davenant House. Our aim is to have a substantial library in theology and the liberal arts that will be of service to students participating in our residential summer study programs, to students in our Davenant Latin Institute residential courses, and to scholars and pastors using the facility for retreats and study sabbaticals.

Given the relatively small space we have for a library there, and the availability of many resources online, our aim is for quality, rather than quantity, with a focus on time-tested resources of high academic quality (though of generalist more than specialist interest), although important contributions to recent debates are also welcome.

At the same time we want representative texts across a wide range of subject areas to facilitate broad interdisciplinary learning and stimulate new lines of inquiry among our students.  Accordingly, we welcome donations of volumes in the following genres:

Biblical Studies

  • Key reference works
  • Landmark contributions to the field
  • Key recent works

Systematic Theology

  • Multivolume dogmatics
  • Landmark contributions to important theological loci
  • Key recent works

Historic Theology

  • Historically significant primary texts from the patristic period until the modern period
  • Important secondary literature from the past century


  • Key works from the past century offering either broad narrative overviews of key periods or focused treatments of key episodes in either church history or secular history, but especially church history
  • Works on the Reformation and early modern period are particularly desired.


  • Classic works of Western, Arabic, and Chinese philosophy
  • Important secondary literature from the past century

Political Thought and Ethics

  • Key texts both ancient and modern


  • Classics of ancient Greek and Roman, medieval, Renaissance, English, French, German, Russian, American, and modern literature

Natural Philosophy

  • Classics of natural history, philosophy of science, and Southeastern US regional field guides
  • No textbook format works

Please restrict your donations to volumes in good condition, without extensive markings, and ideally hardcover, though quality paperbacks will be accepted.

Your books will be valued based on current market value and you will receive a tax-deductible gift receipt for the total value.

Please send all donations to:

The Davenant Trust
316 S. Washington St.
Moscow, ID 83843

For any queries, email [email protected].