Davenant Trust Joins Consortium of Christian Study Centers

Recently the Davenant Trust officially became a member organization with the Consortium of Christian Study Centers. This is a particularly exciting development as it now helps us link up with many other already-existing Christian study centers.

The CCSC grew out of the Christian study center at the University of Virginia and is directed by Dr. Drew Trotter. Dr. Trotter said that, “It will be great to have the Davenant Trust in our group; I think they will contribute a lot with their deep experience, and I expect projects like Davenant House will be much appreciated by our membership.”

The CCSC has member organizations all over the country that include the following:

In addition to these nationally recognized institutions, there are a number of CCSC members in the southeast near the location of Davenant House. Duke and the University of North Carolina both have study centers that are part of CCSC as does Furman University, which is only 30 miles from the site of Davenant House.

Our president, Dr. Brad Littlejohn, is also excited about this development: “The Consortium of Christian Study Centers has been doing fantastic work at the intersection of the church and academy for several years now. Our alliance with them as a Partner Organization provides a great strategic opportunity for the Davenant Trust to support their important work and grow our own programs through the resources and networks the Consortium offers.”

We have discussed the work of Christian study centers previously as well. In the video below, board member Peter Escalante talks about their work and significance within the broader evangelical movement: