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Explore the collected works of the great but forgotten Italian Reformer, Peter Martyr Vermigli, ranging from his writings on philosophy and the Eucharist to our ongoing translation and republication of his Loci Communes.

Loci Communes

The Vermigli Common Places Project makes available in English, for the first time since 1583, the magnum opus of Peter Martyr Vermigli. Originally published in Latin in 1576, the Loci Communes is a lost classic, summarizing key doctrines in Christian theology and disputed issues in the Protestant Reformation. Our project translates short installments of one or two loci apiece, aiming eventually for a complete set of the Common Places in modern English.

  • On Original Sin
    On Original Sin
  • On Free Will And The Law
    On Free Will And The Law
Peter Martyr Library Reprints

The Peter Martyr Library was a project undertaken beginning in the 1990s by the Peter Martyr Society to translate and republish all of the significant writings of the great Florentine reformer Peter Martyr Vermigli. Originally published by Truman State University Press, the series reached ten volumes before running out of funding. The Davenant Institute received the rights to the series in 2017 and republished four of the most popular volumes in paperback. We anticipate being able to offer a full hardback reprint of the entire series during 2024.

  • Dialogue on the Two Natures in Christ
    Dialogue on the Two Natures in Christ
  • Philosophical Works: On the Relation of Philosophy to Theology
    Philosophical Works: On the Relation of Philosophy to Theology
  • The Oxford Treatise and Disputation On the Eucharist
    The Oxford Treatise and Disputation On the Eucharist
  • Predestination and Justification: Two Theological Loci
    Predestination and Justification: Two Theological Loci

About the Peter Martyr Library

Although largely unknown today outside the circle of Reformation scholars, Peter Martyr Vermigli was a true giant of the 16th-century Reformation, a man who left an indelible influence on the churches of Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and England where he spent his pilgrim life, and who through his writings left an even wider legacy. Standing as he does at the intersection of humanism and scholasticism, with a profound concern for Biblical exegesis and the renewal of preaching, but also for linguistic study, educational revival, Christian philosophy, ethics, and political thought, Vermigli sums up the broad and bold mission of the Davenant Institute to renew Christian wisdom through resourcement.

For the past two decades, the Peter Martyr Society, together with Truman State University Press, has overseen the publication of English translations, in beautiful critical editions, of key works by Vermigli, a series called the Peter Martyr Library. In January 2018, the Davenant Institute acquired full rights to the series from TSUP.

Profs. Torrance Kirby and Gary Jenkins, the President and Secretary of the Peter Martyr Society and longtime contributors to the Peter Martyr Library project, had this to say about the acquisition:

“This transfer has been the culmination of efforts by several parties for the future of the Peter Martyr Library and the Society. It grew out of a mutual concern by both the Davenant Trust and the Peter Martyr Society that an established center devoted to the vital importance the Reformation, its thought and heritage, should be found to help nurture the scholarship of Vermigli and insure his rightful place in the continuing historical and theological pursuits of our own day. Placed now fully in the hands of those who not only care about such pursuits as part of an academic life, but value them as proper and virtuous ends in themselves, this can only harbinger good things for research and publishing in all things Vermigiliana. We are happy indeed.”

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