Who We Are


LittlejohnDr. W. Bradford Littlejohn (Ph.D, University of Edinburgh) is a scholar and writer in the fields of political theology, Christian ethics, and Reformation history.  He is a regular columnist for a number of online journals, author of several books and articles in historical and political theology, and editor of several more. He also teaches philosophy at Moody Bible Institute.



MeadorJake Meador (B.A. summa cum laude, University of Nebraska-Lincoln) is a writer and editor from Lincoln, NE. He is the editor of Mere Orthodoxy and serves on the editorial board of the journal Fare Forward. His writing has appeared in Books & CultureChristianity Today, First Things, and Front Porch Republic.


Board of Directors

PryorChairman: C. Scott Pryor (J.D., University of Wisconsin; M.A., Reformed Theological Seminary) is currently a member of the faculty of Campbell University School of Law. He previously served on the faculty at Regent University School of Law from 1998-2015. He has also been a visiting professor at Handong International School of Law in Pohang, South Korea and has taught as a Fulbright Scholar at the National Law University in Jodhpur, India. See his writings on the relationship of the Christian faith to the law of contracts, the influence of Puritanism on contract law, Indian contract law, natural law, human rights, and other matters at his SSRN Author page. You can follow Scott’s occasional thoughts on his blog, PryorThoughts.

Website photo edited (2011.10.16)Vice-chairman: Rev. Benjamin Miller (J.D, Oak Brook College of Law; M.Div., Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary) is the pastor of Trinity Church (Orthodox Presbyterian Church) in north central Long Island. After being admitted to the California bar in 2000, and working thereafter as a paralegal, he attended seminary, graduating in 2005. He served as associate pastor of the OPC in Franklin Square, New York, from December 2005 to September 2011.


Rev. Steven P. Wedgeworth (M.Div., Reformed Theological Seminary)  is an ordained Presbyterian minister and classical school teacher. Steven has published essays on politics, theology, and history, and he is a founding board member of St. Augustine School (Jackson, MS). He is also the co-founder and editor of The Calvinist International.

Brian Auten_Strategic Intelligence_faculty_2

Dr. Brian J. Auten (Ph.D, University of Reading (UK)) currently serves as a supervisory intelligence analyst with a government agency in Washington, DC, and teaches as an adjunct professor of government at Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, VA.  He has lectured for the FBI Academy at Quantico, the Department of Defense, and the National Intelligence University.  He is the author of Carter’s Conversion: The Hardening of American Defense Policy (University of Missouri Press, 2008), and has also publishes on security, ethics, and 20th-21st century American religious history for a wide range of outlets.



Dr. Mark Jones (Ph.D, Leiden Universiteit) is pastor of Faith Vancouver (PCA), research associate at the University of the Free State, and author of several books on Reformed theology and history, including Antinomianism and Knowing Christ.



Second professional picTimothy van den Broek (M.B.A., The Wharton School) grew up in England nourished by rain and potatoes. After becoming a chartered accountant and working as an auditor, he moved to America to pursue theological studies. His kingdom interests are varied but centered around how the local church can flourish as a basis for local and global mission. He works as CFO at a technology company in Northern Idaho and enjoys angel investing for fun.


Ian Hugh Clary (PhD, University of the Free State) is Assistant Professor of Historical Theology at Colorado ChristianUniversity, Lakewood, CO. Previous to his coming to CCU in 2017, he was Assistant Pastor at West Toronto Baptist Church in Toronto, Ontario, and lecturer in history at Redeemer University College, Ancaster, Ontario. Ian is the co-editor of The Pure Flame of Devotion (2013) and Pentecostal Outpourings (2016), chapter contributor to a number of books, and has published articles and reviews in periodicals such as Evangelical QuarterlyScottish Bulletin of Evangelical Theology, and Mid-America Journal of Theology. He and his wife Vicky live in Lakewood, CO, with their four children.

Susannah Black received her BA from Amherst College and her MA from Boston University. She is a freelance editor and writer, editing for Plough Quarterly and Plough Books, Providence Magazine, The Philos Project, and elsewhere; she is also an editor of The Davenant Institute’s journal Ad Fontes, and is a founding editor of Solidarity Hall. Her writing has appeared in First Things, The Distributist Review, Solidarity Hall, Providence, Amherst Magazine, Front Porch Republic, Ethika Politika, The Human Life Review, The American Conservative, Mere Orthodoxy, and elsewhere. She blogs at Radio Free Thulcandra and tweets at @suzania. A native Manhattanite, she is now living in Queens.

Kirby_Aug2013Dr W.J. Torrance Kirby (ex officio member)—Torrance Kirby is the Professor of Ecclesiastical History and Director of the Centre for Research on Religion (CREOR) at McGill University.  He is also a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and a member of Princeton’s Center for Theological Inquiry.  He is best known for his work on Richard Hooker and on Peter Martyr Vermigli, but studies and writes extensively in Reformation thought and Christian neo-Platonism.

Key Staff

Colin Chan Redemer (Teaching Fellow) is an Associate Adjunct Professor at Saint Mary’s College of California and a Fellow of the Davenant Institute. He loves teaching on the intersection between History, Philosophy, Literature, and Christianity. His writing has appeared in the Englewood Review of Books, Evansville Review, Sojourners Magazine, The Federalist​, and​ the Tampa Review​​. ​He ​lives in community with his beautiful wife​, kids,​ and fellow church members, in Oakland, California.


Ryan Handermann (Director of the Davenant Latin Institute) lives in Moscow, Idaho with his wife and four rambunctious children. He has taught Latin for eight years in various capacities in school and online, to middle schoolers, high schoolers, undergraduate, and graduate level students. He currently interns at his local church, Trinity Reformed while teaching Latin online for the Davenant Latin Institute and other fora.


Board of Advisors

Our Board of Advisors guides the Board of Directors in identifying strategic goals for the organization and offers input on major funding commitments.

Dr Oliver Crisp — Oliver Crisp is the Professor of Systematic Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary.  In the past, he has held appointments at the University of Bristol and the University of St. Andrews.  He is the author of numerous articles and books, particularly on the topic of Christology, as well as the editor and co-editor of eight volumes.

Dr Fred Sanders—Fred Sanders is an Associate Professor at the Torrey Honors Institute of Biola University. He is a systematic theologian who studies and teaches across the entire range of classic Christian doctrine, but with a special focus on the doctrine of the Trinity, and is the author of five books.

Dr Herman J. Selderhuis—Herman Selderhuis is the Professor of Church History and Church Polity at Theologische Universiteit Apeldoorn (Netherlands), Director of the Refo500 network, and President of the International Congress on Calvin Research. He is the author and editor of several books on John Calvin and early Reformed orthodoxy.

Dr Carl Trueman—Carl Trueman is the Paul Woolley Professor of Church History at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia.  He is the author of numerous books and articles in Protestant historical theology and a prominent commentator on contemporary issues in the Christian church, and culture and politics more broadly.  He is a Council Member of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals.