Announcing A New Teaching Fellow

We are excited to announce the appointment of Tim Jacobs as a Teaching Fellow at The Davenant Institute.

Currently a PhD candidate in philosophy at the University of St. Thomas, Tim comes to us with a wealth of experience in bridging the gap between philosophy and theology for the good of the church. His specialization is in virtue ethics in the natural law Aristotelian-Thomistic tradition, a subject rich in value for the Christian life, which displays God’s glory through the virtuous fruit of the Spirit. 

In joining our team of Teaching Fellows, Tim plans to invest in the health of the church by introducing pastors, teachers, and laymen to the untapped riches of the Christian philosophical and ethical tradition. He will teach Davenant Hall courses on virtue, natural law, classical theism, and other areas of Christian philosophy and ethics, delving into primary sources and showing their striking relevance today, as well as writing on all these areas.

He will also lend some administrative support to Davenant Hall, and look for opportunities to equip local churches to be deeply rooted in the history of Christian thought and classical doctrines by networking, speaking engagements, conferences, reading groups, and other creative opportunities.

Like all our Teaching Fellows, Tim’s ministry is supported by the generosity of his own network of supporters via Kindful. If you would like to learn more about his work, and to support his new venture with The Davenant Institute, you can follow the links below. 

“Tim Jacobs is a fantastic addition to the Davenant team. He brings a depth of understanding and knowledge of Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas, natural law, and Christian philosophy that is sorely needed today. The Church will be immeasurably blessed by the work that he has been doing, and will now continue to do with The Davenant Institute”

Colin Redemer, Vice-President of The Davenant Institute